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Customer engagement and data integration platform.
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ChatForm is an AI-powered tool that enhances customer engagement by automating customer service and providing seamless communication through chats. It offers businesses the ability to automate their customer support and business text messaging, resulting in improved efficiency and a better customer experience.The tool provides various solutions for customer engagement, including WhatsApp Business, SMS, and Instagram DMS.

These features allow businesses to connect with their customers through different messaging platforms, providing a versatile and convenient way to engage with them.ChatForm also offers powerful form builder capabilities, enabling teams to streamline their data collection process.

The tool includes customizable form templates specifically tailored to different industries, such as real estate, customer service, and ecommerce. These templates provide a range of features and functionalities designed to address the unique needs of each industry.Additionally, ChatForm offers a drag-and-drop builder that does not require any coding knowledge, making it accessible for users without technical expertise.

The tool emphasizes the importance of inquiry in exceptional customer engagement and encourages businesses to harmonize human and automated interactions during conversations.Furthermore, ChatForm incorporates a chat module that supports customer assistance, allowing for a seamless handoff between automated conversations and human support.

This feature enables businesses to efficiently resolve customer issues in real-time while collaborating effectively with their team.Finally, ChatForm integrates with various apps and services, enabling collected responses to be effortlessly connected to preferred platforms and existing workflows.

This integration saves time and streamlines processes for businesses.Overall, ChatForm revolutionizes customer engagement and improves customer service by providing automated chat solutions, form builder capabilities, and seamless integration with various communication channels and apps.

It is a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance efficiency and deliver a better customer experience.


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