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Auto-generate customizable forms, surveys, quizzes.
Generated by ChatGPT

The AI Form Builder is an innovative tool that allows users to create various types of forms using artificial intelligence. With the first AI form maker, users can conveniently generate surveys, forms, and quizzes by harnessing the power of AI-powered question generation.

Additionally, the AI Form Builder offers the option to intelligently import existing forms from Google Forms, PDF documents, or raw text.To create a form, users can either import an existing form or utilize the AI form builder to generate a new one.

The process involves choosing an import method, describing the desired form, or copy/pasting questions to import a specific form. While waiting, users have the opportunity to customize the form's appearance by selecting a theme according to their preferences.The no-code editor provided by Fillout enables users to further customize their forms with ease.

Notably, the AI Form Builder's capabilities extend beyond initial form creation. The AI continually offers automatic updates for drafted forms, allowing users to effortlessly make changes as needed.The tool offers language optimization to enhance the effectiveness of questions and optimize language based on best practices, potentially boosting conversion rates.

Additionally, Fillout's AI generates images and themes that align with the user's brand.The AI Form Builder offers a free plan with unlimited forms and a monthly submission limit of 1000.

The tool is powered by Fillout, an industry leader in form-building technology. For further information and assistance, users can access the comprehensive help resources provided by Fillout.


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Pros and Cons


Auto-generate customizable forms
Intelligently import existing forms
Supports Google Forms, PDF, text
Easy theme selection
No-code editor included
Language optimization feature
Brand-aligned image and theme generator
Free with unlimited forms
1000 monthly submission limit
Comprehensive help resources
Create forms by description
Copy/paste question import
Optimized for conversion rates
Automatic form updates
ChatGPT assisted form creation
Highly customizable forms
No sign-up needed for customization
Supports form sharing


Limited monthly submission limit
No API details provided
Lacks collaboration features
No pre-made form templates
No offline capabilities
No data export features
Limited language optimization
No sign-up options explained
Unknown form data security
No database integration options


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What is Fillout and how is it related to AI Form Builder?
What resources does Fillout provide for assistance?
How can AI Form Builder affect conversion rates?
How does the AI Form Builder ensure that the designs match my brand?
Is sign-up needed to customize form in AI Form Builder?
Does Fillout's AI draft updates automatically post form creation?
What are the steps involved in making a form with the AI Form Builder?
How do AI Form Builder's capabilities extend beyond initial form creation?
What are some examples of the forms I can make with AI Form Builder?
Does AI Form Builder support different import methods for forms?

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