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Unleash the potential of omnichannel communication.
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Tactful is an AI-powered system for omnichannel communication that aims to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and revenue. The tool's core features include unified inbox, queue management, reporting, ticketing, and an Omni Automate AI chatbot.

The unified inbox feature allows for easy customer engagement across multiple channels with effortless channel switching while maintaining conversation continuity.

The queue management and routing feature work to ensure inquiries reach the correct agents and provide expedited support based on priority. Reporting metrics encompass interaction details, response times, handling durations, missed connections, top performers, and detailed agent analytics which help identify areas for improvement.

The tool's AI chatbot, Omni Automate, is designed to streamline customer interactions by rapidly responding to routine inquiries and freeing up agent time to focus on high-value customer interactions.

Uptime, secure accessibility, improved customer service, centralized information sharing, and issue resolution benefit from these features. Tactful's tool offers a platform where customer service agents can deliver consistent and personalized experiences across channels, ensuring customer satisfaction and fostering a more streamlined and efficient approach to customer service.


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Pros and Cons


Omnichannel communication
Unified inbox
Queue management
Complex reporting features
Integrated ticketing system
Maintains conversation continuity
Expedited support based on priority
Detailed agent analytics
Improved customer service
Centralized information sharing
Supports high-value customer interactions
Enables personalized customer experiences
Designed for customer engagement
Boosts customer satisfaction
Works across multiple channels
Supports effortless channel switching
Real-time customer feedback
Supports team collaboration
Optimized for high performance
Supports real-time supervisor support in whisper mode
Priority-based routing for high-value customers
Real-time customer data for sales
Automates routine inquiries
Seamless human agent transition
Measure performance across channels
Tracks handling durations, missed connections
Identifies top performers
Monitors agent performance
Web chat integration
Facebook Messenger integration
WhatsApp integration
Email integration
Facebook page comments moderation
Single-click voice call]


Lacks voice recognition
No real-time language translation
No predictive analytics
No sentiment analysis
No AB testing for chatbot
No multi-lingual support
No SMS integration
No Video Chat support


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Does Tactful offer any services for businesses in specific sectors?
What are the core features of Tactful?
How does Tactful's Omni Automate AI chatbot streamline customer interactions?
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Does Tactful provide a platform for personalized customer experiences?
How does Tactful contribute to increased revenue?
Can Tactful handle inquiries across multiple channels?
Does Tactful have a tool for effective ticketing?
What kind of analytics does Tactful provide for agents?

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