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Boost sales with AI chat for your store.
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Arena Chat is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled chatbot specifically designed to support e-commerce platforms in engaging visitors and facilitating sales around the clock.

At its core, it offers smart product recommendations and customer support, catering to basic and complex inquiries alike. With an emphasis on personalization, Arena Chat allows businesses to customize the chatbot's voice, appearance, and branding to better align with their identity.

One of its standout features includes the ability to anticipate customer needs and suggest appropriate products, thereby enhancing the shopping experience.

Such chatbot apprehends your website or store's content and uses it as a training module to provide better client servicing. It also supports quick and effortless integration with major CMS and e-commerce platforms for a seamless customer experience.

Added features include analytics for visualizing sales funnel, multi-language support for better communication, and the ability to capture leads. It ensures data privacy and prioritizes data protection alongside offering valuable insights through data training and conversation analytics.

The chatbot's effectiveness is demonstrated in its capacity to promote assertive suggestions and handle common queries, thus driving customer engagement and reducing support costs.


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Pros and Cons


Designed for e-commerce platforms
24/7 customer support
Smart product recommendations
Handles complex inquiries
Highly customizable appearance
Branding alignment
Anticipates customer needs
Uses store's content as training
Seamless integration with major CMS
Sales funnel analytics
Multi-language support
Lead capture functionality
Data privacy prioritized
Conversation analytics
Assertive product suggestions
Cost-effective customer support
Supports quick CMS integration
Customizable voice and personality
Optimized for Shopify integration
Single line code deployment
Product card presentation in conversations
Real-time customer engagement
Privacy and security oriented
First party data utilization
Auto-pilot customer support
Personalized shopping experiences
Data training for insights


No voice customer support
Overly simplistic customization
No ability to disable leads
No small-business pricing tiers
Cannot download or Export analytics
Only major CMS integration
No on-site training for complex queries
Undisclosed third party data usage
No support for non-ecommerce platforms
Over-reliance on website content for training


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What are some standout features of ArenaChat?
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How does ArenaChat aid in capturing leads?
Can ArenaChat engage customers in multiple languages?
Does ArenaChat provide any analytics for visualizing the sales funnel?
How can ArenaChat reduce support costs?
How does ArenaChat engage visitors 24/7?
How does ArenaChat help in facilitating sales?
Can ArenaChat be used for custom branding?
How can ArenaChat support better client servicing?
Is it easy to integrate ArenaChat with major CMS platforms?
Does ArenaChat offer personalized shopping experiences?
What insights does ArenaChat offer through data training and conversation analytics?

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