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Automatically engage visitors and boost conversions 24/7.
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Maisie is an AI-powered e-commerce chatbot, designed to operate 24/7 and automate different aspects of customer engagement. It offers automation solutions that support conversions, customer service, list building for emails and SMS, as well as social commerce.

Its conversion features include personalized product recommendation quizzes aimed at promoting sales. In the domain of customer service, Maisie provides automated replies to customer queries, mitigating the workload of customer service teams.

With list building, Maisie helps accelerate the growth of opt-in email and SMS subscriber lists. Social commerce is supported through the platform's integration capabilities, allowing businesses to sell products through Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more.

Additionally, Maisie makes it possible to transfer chats to human agents for a more personal interaction. The platform is equipped with AI capabilities for handling pre-sales queries giving automatic responses and product recommendations.

It allows the customer to carry out real-time order status checks, gives contextual discounts & offers, and helps in customer list building with its smart conversational opt-ins.

Maisie aims at improving customer satisfaction by providing instant responses to queries and fostering a better customer journey. These features ultimately assist in driving conversion rates, reducing customer support tickets, and promoting deeper customer relationships.


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Maisie was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 27th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Operates 24/7
Supports conversion optimization
Promotes customer service automation
Supports email/SMS list building
Social commerce integration
Transfer chats to humans
Handles pre-sales queries
Provides real-time order status updates
Offers contextual discounts
Aids in customer list building
Claims to boost conversion rates
Claims to reduce customer support tickets
Provides personalized product recommendations
Aims to improve customer satisfaction
Capable of selling products through Instagram, TikTok, Facebook
Handover chats to humans for personal touch
Helps grow opt-in email & SMS subscriber lists
Contextual conversational opt-ins
Can improve website visitor engagement
Claims to decrease help desk tickets reduction
Supports real-time customer needs
Aided by GPT-4 technology
Allows customers to self-serve queries
Offers live chat option
Possesses product recommendation quizzes
Offers personalized touch in customer service
Integrates with Shopify and BigCommerce
Can opt-in for price drop notifications
Saves shopping carts for later viewing
Customizable conversational templates
Trigger chats based on business rules
Can target chatbots to specific customer behavior
Customizable chatbot design, content, and flow
Works with various platforms & channels
No coding required for setup
Quizzes to guide shoppers to suitable products
Supports email and SMS subscriber list growth
Offers remarketing options
Can launch Maisie quickly
Accelerated growth of email and SMS lists
Can automate responses to customer queries
Can aid in resolving problems 24/7
Integration with Klaviyo available for seamless operation
Allows for chatbot customization for each store
Win back sales with cart saving option


Limited customization of chatbots
Lacks advanced segmentation features
No coding integration
Possible delays in transferring chats
Lacks multilingual support
Limited integration capabilities


What is Maisie?
What features does Maisie offer for e-commerce businesses?
How does Maisie help with customer service?
What is the role of Maisie in list building for emails and SMS?
How does Maisie support social commerce?
What kind of personalized product recommendations does Maisie offer?
How can Maisie help reduce the workload of customer service teams?
How does Maisie allow integration with social media platforms for selling products like Instagram and TikTok?
What are the AI capabilities of Maisie in handling pre-sales queries?
Can Maisie transfer chats to human agents?
Does Maisie provide real-time order status checks?
How does Maisie approach improving customer satisfaction?
How does Maisie contribute to a better customer journey?
Does Maisie offer contextual discounts and offers?
How does Maisie help in driving conversion rates?
Can Maisie help reduce customer support tickets?
Does Maisie provide any assistance in promoting deeper customer relationships?
Can Maisie function 24/7?
How does Maisie's chatbot automation feature work?
How does Maisie assist in customer list building with its smart conversational opt-ins?

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