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Mοveo AI is a conversational chatbot tool that aims to enhance customer experience (CX) and improve efficiency by automating tasks through AI virtual agents.

It utilizes conversational AI technology to create interactive and personalized chatbot experiences for users.The tool is powered by Cookiebot, which is a provider of cookie consent management solutions.

This ensures that the usage of cookies on the website is compliant with relevant privacy regulations.Mοveo AI offers a range of features and capabilities to automate tasks and provide a seamless conversational experience.

It enables businesses to automate customer interactions, answer frequently asked questions, provide product recommendations, and assist with various customer service tasks.The tool allows website owners to implement or change website content in real-time using the WordPress theme.

It also provides language customization options, allowing the website to determine the preferred language of the visitor and adjust the content accordingly.Mοveo AI collects and reports statistical information anonymously to help website owners understand visitor behavior and improve their services.

It utilizes various analytics providers such as Google Analytics, Hubspot, Microsoft, and Segment to collect data on user navigation and behavior. This data is used to compile statistical reports and heatmaps for website owners' internal analytics.Overall, Mοveo AI is a conversational chatbot tool that leverages AI and virtual agents to transform customer experience by automating tasks and providing personalized interactions.


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Moveo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 22nd 2023.
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