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Save agent time with AI-powered customer support
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Converso is an AI-assisted customer support tool capable of operating across platforms like webchat, WhatsApp, and SMS. With the principle aim of reducing time and resource investment in customer support, Converso can handle basic queries, allowing human agents to focus on complex issues.

Users can manage both AI and team chats from a single inbox, providing a seamless handover to human agents when necessary.The application reduces message volumes significantly, improving overall customer service levels.

For customer inquiries, the AI Assistant is designed to provide high quality responses. The AI Assistant is trained with company-specific data ensuring that it can answer customer inquiries accurately, without providing irrelevant information.

For more complex customer queries, these can be assigned to a human agent. The AI assistant records and displays all chat messages in the team's inbox providing context and eliminating the need for customers to repeat previous inquiries.Converso enhances customer satisfaction as it provides quick and accurate responses.

The AI assistant retrieves data from the company's knowledge base or website, increasing customer trust.More comprehensive questions can be redirected to live human agents, no waiting for ticket raises.

For user convenience, a customer portal is under development. It will allow users to log in to view their chat history, review documents, and pay invoices.Converso offers the feature of building and integrating your own AI assistant.

The overall system is designed to save time and increase efficiency by automating communication and back-office processes. This includes automating basic tasks such as fetching user data and creating calendar events.In terms of team collaboration, Converso centralizes messages from various channels and internal chat notes into a single shared inbox.

It allows the creation of groups with custom workspace for each AI assistant.


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Pros and Cons


Multi-platform operation
Seamless transition to human agents
Significant reduction in message volumes
Automated basic query handling
Complex queries assigned to humans
Retention of all chat history
Access to company's knowledge base
Redirection of comprehensive queries
Under-development customer portal
Chat history review
Document review
Invoice payment
Automates communication
Automates back-office tasks
Centralizes messages in shared inbox
Customer portal under development
Automates fetching user data
Automates calendar event creation
Improves team collaboration
Integrates with Whatsapp, webchat, SMS
Live human agent redirection without tickets
GDPR Compliance
Confidentiality of messages
Reduces agent workload
Proactive customer engagement
Integration with CRM
Schedule calls with customers
Handover to human during sales intent
Personalizes communication with latest data
Automates actions
Integrates automation with other systems
Accessible via multiple channels
Single shared inbox for all communication
Allows transfer of chats among team
Proactive analysis and summarising of conversations
Outbound conversation via WhatsApp, SMS


Customer portal under development
No integration with Instagram or Slack
Company-specific data required for training
No multi-language support mentioned
GDPR issues with archiving personal messages
No native CRM integration mentioned
WhatsApp connection needs business API
No specifics on system security


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How does help reduce the workload of customer support agents?
How does an AI assistant in handle customer inquiries?
How are AI assistants trained to answer queries accurately?
What information does AI assistant use to give responses?
Can seamlessly switch from an AI assistant to a human agent for complex queries?
How does enhance customer trust?
Can I build and integrate my own AI assistant in
What type of data and tasks can the AI assistant automate?
Does have a feature for team collaboration?
How does manage chats across different channels?
Can handle customer support across SMS and platforms like webchat and WhatsApp?
What is the significance of the customer portal in
Does provide a single inbox management system?
Can messages of be centralized from various channels?
Can AI assistant create calendar events?
How can I integrate my AI assistant to other platforms?
How does AI assistant retrieve data?
What details can I view in my chat history on the customer portal?
Can groups be created in for each AI assistant?

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