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Customer support enhancement through conversation.
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Auralis Zap is a conversational AI tool designed to handle and resolve customer inquiries. The tool is accurate, trainable, and can be integrated with your help desk software, thereby enhancing your customer support operation's efficiency and consistency.

Auralis Zap plays a crucial role in customer engagement by handling the majority of customer inquiries through its conversational AI and providing instantaneous and precise answers at any time.

The tool has an inherent ability to identify sentiment and intent, prioritize cases based on urgency, and seamlessly transfer inquiries from AI to human support, thus contributing to better agent productivity and reduced handling time.

Moreover, it empowers agents by providing relevant knowledge and suggested responses using generative AI. In addition, it offers autonomous multi-channel ticket resolution and gathers case information on-demand.

Auralis Zap also offers the ability to transform customer support from a cost center into an economic center of excellence and train your AI assistant on the fly, improving its accuracy over time.

It provides valuable insights extracted from customer queries, improving the overall performance of your support team. Lastly, the tool supports 100+ languages, allowing you to provide support to various regions in a consistent brand voice and tone, and integrates easily with CRM platforms.


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Auralis Zap was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 3rd 2023.
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