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Business support and chat solution.
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Desku is a robust help desk software that aims to boost customer support and retention. It offers seamless communication by integrating live chat, email, and social media platforms into one centralized platform.

This streamlines messages and enhances customer loyalty by providing a unified and efficient support system.Desku provides a range of features and solutions tailored to different industries, including retail, education, and NGOs.

The tool offers shared email inboxes, social media inboxes, live chat software, and a customer knowledge base powered by AI. It also supports popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Ecwid, and Shopify.The pricing details are not mentioned in the text, so it is advisable to visit the Desku website for more information on pricing plans.Desku prides itself on its AI-powered assistant for instant response, allowing businesses to automate customer support and provide real-time assistance even when the support team is unavailable.

The tool also emphasizes simplicity, aiming to revolutionize customer communication with its intuitive platform.Furthermore, Desku offers helpdesk software with features like ticket management, macros, views, and ticket automation.

It also provides live chat software with features such as instant support, shortcuts, chat form customization, and notifications. Additionally, Desku allows users to create their own chatbots through a drag-and-drop interface, providing instant responses to customer queries.Desku also mentions upcoming features in marketing and automation to elevate businesses' marketing strategies, such as forms and landing pages, marketing automation, email sequences, and an email template builder.For more information on Desku and its features, potential users can visit the Desku website for guides, blogs, and resources to learn, explore, and master the tool.


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Desku was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Unified communication platform
Integrated live chat
Email and social integration
Customized solutions for industries
Shared email inboxes
Social media inboxes
Customer knowledge base
E-commerce platform support
Real-time assistance
Intuitive platform
Ticket management
Macros and views
Ticket automation
Chat form customization
Drag-and-drop interface for chatbot
Upcoming marketing features
Forms and landing pages
Marketing automation
Email sequences
Email template builder
Integrated with Shopify
Integrated with WooCommerce
Integrated with Ecwid
Accurate reporting & analytics
Help Center
Service Status
Custom Reporting
Contact Management
Deal Management
Email Broadcast
Email Sequences
Site Messaging
Customer experience manager
Company Support


No included pricing information
No mobile app noted
Lack of integrations listed
Features dependent on upcoming updates
Possibly complex platform navigation
Overwhelming amount of features
Potential lack of user tutorials
Limited social media platforms support
Lack of multilingual support
No mention of scalability


What is Desku?
How does Desku integrate live chat, email, and social media into one platform?
What specific features does Desku provide for different industries?
Can Desku integrate with e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Ecwid, and Shopify?
How is Desku's AI-powered assistant used for customer support?
What features does Desku's helpdesk software provide?
Can I customize my live chat form with Desku?
How can I create a chatbot using Desku?
What are the upcoming marketing and automation features in Desku?
Does Desku offer a free trial?
What platforms does Desku support or integrate with?
Does Desku offer a unified messaging platform for all social media platforms?
Can I automate my ticket management process with Desku's helpdesk software?
Does Desku offer an AI-powered customer knowledge base?
How does Desku support real-time customer communication?
Can I personalize my customer interaction using Desku's AI assistant?
Does Desku offer any resource guides or blogs to explore the tool more?
How can I handle instant support tickets using Desku?
Does Desku have unique features for ecommerce businesses?
What kind of analytics and reports can I get with Desku?

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