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E-commerce and support chatbot for websites.
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Quickbot AI is a web-based tool that enables users to create OpenAI-powered chatbots for customer support without requiring any coding skills. The tool uses OpenAI's fine-tuning technology to train the chatbot using custom data, including website content, documents, and PDFs.

Users can modify and update the data anytime to retrain the chatbot, and the fully personalized chatbot can be instantly deployed on their website and various social media platforms, including WhatsApp.

Quickbot AI also allows for bot personality training, including assigning a name and writing rules for the chatbot in simple English language. Additionally, the tool offers chat-widget customization with branded design, making it a valuable asset for e-commerce and customer support applications.

Quickbot AI provides full source code for the chatbot, which can be deployed on users' cloud hosting, and it offers a one-time payment option for complete control over user data.The tool provides a simple and effortless process through four steps: deploying the code on VPS, uploading files and OpenAI key, training and testing the chatbot, and deploying it on the website.

Quickbot AI supports PDF, docs, and text file formats and provides instructions on using the API with external tools. The tool also offers transparent pricing options, including small, standard, and premium packages, with different levels of support and code deployment options.

Quickbot AI has received positive reviews from users who praise it as a game-changer for their customer support team, a time-saving solution for small business owners, and an excellent tool for providing quick answers to website visitors.


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Pros and Cons


No coding skills required
Can train on custom data
Data update and modification
Bot personality training
Chat-widget customization
E-commerce application
Full source code access
Deployment on user's cloud
One-time payment option
Supports PDF, docs, text files
Instruction for API use
Transparent pricing options
Positive user reviews
Effortless process
Instant deployment on website
Deployment on social media
Supports multiple file formats
Instructions for external tools
Quick data retraining
One-time payment model
Branded chat-widget design


Limited support channels
No mobile app
Needs cloud hosting
No multi-language support
No multi-bot support
Limited social media integration
Manual data update
Requires basic tech knowledge (VPS)
No Free trial available

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