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Automated chatbot for website customer service.
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GPTService is an AI-powered chatbot builder that helps businesses automate their customer service operations. The tool utilizes the content available on the business's website to train and create a custom ChatGPT assistant that can answer customer's queries.

The chatbot is easy to set up as no manual conversation flows need to be created. Users just have to enter their website's URL and specify the URLs they would like to exclude from the chatbot's knowledge.

The chatbot uses the latest AI technology to understand and answer questions, making it faster and more efficient than traditional chatbot builders. GPTService's chatbot is multilingual, and supports up to 95 languages.

Users just need to provide content in one language, and the chatbot can answer questions in any of those supported languages. The pricing of GPTService is simple, with a monthly fee of $29.99 for automating customer support inquiries using the latest NLP software.

Users can schedule a demo or start a free trial to explore the tool's features. Businesses can integrate the chatbot into their website by copying and pasting a simple code provided by GPTService.

In case of any other queries, users can email the support team. GPTService is designed to help businesses streamline their customer support operations and reduce the response time to customer queries.

Overall, this AI tool provides an efficient and customizable solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer service capabilities.


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Pros and Cons


Automates customer support
Learns from website content
No manual conversation flows
Easy setup with URL
Exclusion of specific URLs
Multilingual support (95 languages)
Single language training
Simple monthly pricing
Free trial availability
Easy website integration
Email support
Streamlines customer support operations
Reduces customer query response time
Highly customizable chatbot
Content-based training
Code insert for integration
Handles varied customer questions
Improved customer service capabilities
Automatically creates chatbots


No integration with other platforms
Only uses website content
No manual conversation flows
No control on training data
Limited to 95 languages
Excludes specified URLs only
No specified data privacy measures
Email-only customer support
No conversation flow customization


What is GPTService?
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Does GPTService support multiple languages?
What is the pricing plan for GPTService?
How do I integrate GPTService into my website?
Do I have to manually create conversation flows in GPTService?
How can GPTService help me with my business's customer support operations?
Can I schedule a demo for GPTService?
What is the maximum amount of languages supported by GPTService chatbot?
Does GPTService offer a free trial?
How does the 'import your chatbot into your website' feature work in GPTService?
Is GPTService based on the most recent AI technology?
How can I exclude certain URLs from my chatbot's knowledge on GPTService?
In what ways does GPTService make my customer service more efficient?
How does GPTService use my website as a knowledge source for the chatbot?
What do I need to provide to set up my chatbot on GPTService?
What assistance can I get if I have any queries regarding GPTService?
Can the GPTService chatbot answer user questions using my website content?

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