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Create a custom AI chatbot for your website in minutes.
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Sendbird is an AI tool that allows users to create custom AI chatbots for their webpages and applications. This tool aims to enhance user engagement, marketing, sales, and customer support via the use of conversational AI.

The chatbots can be created straight from the Sendbird dashboard, without any requirement for coding. Users can also design their own chatbot interface, train the bot using their own data, and test the bot before it goes into production.

One of the unique highlights of Sendbird is their multi-functional AI chatbots which can serve various roles across businesses. These include lead generation, shopping assistance, customer service, legal assistance, recruitment, as well as healthcare appointment booking.

Additionally, Sendbird provides an extensive range of features for chatbot customization and automation including suggested replies, custom responses, and workflows.

The tool also offers analytic resources to track bot engagement, user sentiment and other AI-related activities, which could provide critical customer data to refine services, products, and business strategies.

The tool also integrates with Salesforce and supports multi-language options.


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Sendbird was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 14th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Custom chatbot interface design
No coding required
Bot training with own data
Chatbot trial before production
Lead generation capabilities
Shopping assistance capabilities
Customer service capabilities
Legal research and drafting capabilities
Recruitment assistance abilities
Healthcare appointment booking abilities
Suggested reply automation
Custom response automation
Workflow customization
Engagement tracking analytics
Sentiment analysis features
Multilingual support
Salesforce integration
Widget theme customization
White labeling
Typing indicator feature
Feedback collection features
Multiple bot programming languages
Planned integration with Notion
Planned integration with Google Drive
Planned integration with Confluence
Planned integration with Jira
Automated response and workflow suggestions
Bot sentiment retrieval
Message credit usage monitoring
API call activity tracking
Chatbot UI & UX customizable
Message streaming
Card view for mobile
Carousel view for mobile
Forms automation
Function calls in prompts
Streamlined deployment with Sendbird Desk
30-day free trial
Comprehensive onboarding steps
Supports web URLs as knowledge sources
Supports files as knowledge sources


Limited integration options
No offline functionality
Requires extensive bot training
Complicated user interface
Too much customization required
No mention of security features
Bot testing potentially time-consuming
No specified support for non-tech users
Limited scope of analytical resources
Salesforce integration not widely applicable


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