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Chatbot development for startups.
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Welcome to LeapBox, where innovation meets simplicity in knowledge management. Unlock the power of your information with our cutting-edge features that allow you to Build Your Private GPT effortlessly—no coding required. Take a leap in individual and team knowledge management, accessing instant responses anywhere, anytime.

Our platform offers seamless integration with popular communication tools like WhatsApp, Discord, Drupal, Slack, Telegram, DingTalk, and more. The API, Embed Widget, and integration options empower you to deploy your Personal GPT anywhere, giving you the flexibility to enhance your business processes.

With a focus on user-friendly experiences, our platform is designed for easy knowledge upload and one-click AI training. Say goodbye to language barriers with our multilingual support, enabling you to create knowledge bases in any language.

LeapBox simplifies knowledge storage and usage, streamlining data ingestion and offering real-time training and retaining capabilities. Whether it's automating live chat for customer support, providing product information, HR training, or boosting sales, your All-in-One Personal GPT Solution is here.

Experience the revolution in knowledge management with a free trial—no credit card required. Take the leap with LeapBox and redefine how you interact with knowledge.

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