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ByMohan Tagore
Direct sentiment analysis and insights.
GPT welcome message: How can I assist with your sentiment analysis today?
Sample prompts:
What sentiments are most prevalent in this feedback?
Can you identify the main pain points here?
How can we improve our customer satisfaction?
Could you analyze the emotions in these customer comments?
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Feedback Sentinel is a GPT designed to deliver sentiment analysis and insights. Produced by Mohan Tagore, this tool capitalizes on the underlying capabilities of ChatGPT to perform sentiment analysis on various forms of text, from customer reviews to conversational data.

The primary function of this GPT is to process and interpret the emotional tone embedded in the input text. Its applications could be beneficial across a multitude of sectors, such as customer relationship management, product development, human resources, or any other domain where understanding human sentiment is crucial.

To use Feedback Sentinel, users would formulate prompts that the GPT can respond to accordingly. Example prompts can range from identifying the dominant sentiments in a text to pinpointing main areas of concern.

The GPT could also provide suggestions on how customer satisfaction could be increased based on the emotional tone it recognizes in customer comments.

The use of Feedback Sentinel requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription. With Feedback Sentinel, users do not just get raw data; instead, they receive direct insights which can be pivotal in decision-making processes.


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