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Detects customer sentiment & risks for Customer Success.
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Staircase AI is a customer intelligence platform that helps uncover churn risks and growth opportunities. It uses AI to analyze millions of customer interactions and turn them into actionable insights.

It provides an automated way to detect customer sentiment and relationship risks, helping Customer Success teams to be proactive in responding to customer needs.

Staircase AI integrates with all communication channels, such as email, Slack, tickets, calls, and product usage, to give users a comprehensive view of their customer base.

It also provides a live journey map to visualize customer experience and identify blind spots. The platform is designed with security in mind, offering certifications and advanced policies to ensure customers’ privacy and safety.

Staircase AI is trusted by global Customer Success teams and has been praised by customers for its ability to detect customer sentiment, prevent situations from escalating and uncover new growth opportunities.


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Staircase AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Detects customer sentiment
Uncover churn risks
Identifies growth opportunities
Automates actionable insights
Integrates with all communication channels
Provides live journey map
Focus on security
Trusted by global teams
Prevents situations from escalating
Visualizes customer experience
Offers security certifications
Handles millions of customer interactions
Uncovers blind spots in customer base
Real-time customer sentiment analysis
Multiple uses for different personas
Resources and comprehensive guides available
Detects stakeholder changes
Analyses product usage
Ability to analyze emails, calls, tickets
Proactive approach to customer service
Allows for deep human connections
Improves relationship visibility
Detailed insight on customer touchpoints
Real-time status monitoring
Fast risk escalation
Helps reveal potential risks and opportunities


No customizable dashboard
Limited integration options
No real-time alerts
Lacks predictive analytics
No free version
Pricing not transparent
No offline access
Doesn't support all languages
No mobile application
Limited customer support hours


What is Staircase AI?
How does Staircase AI detect customer sentiment?
What kind of data does Staircase AI analyze?
How does Staircase AI help uncover churn risks?
Can Staircase AI integrate with email and Slack?
What is a live journey map in Staircase AI?
Is Staircase AI a secure platform?
Who can use Staircase AI?
How does Staircase AI uncover growth opportunities?
Can Staircase AI prevent situations from escalating?
What communication channels does Staircase AI work with?
How does Staircase AI visualize customer experience?
Does Staircase AI offer any certifications for security?
Is Staircase AI suitable for global Customer Success teams?
What kind of actionable insights does Staircase AI provide?
How does Staircase AI's 'Hands-Free Health Scores' feature work?
What are the benefits of using Staircase AI for Customer Success Managers?
What resources does Staircase AI offer to its users?
What is the pricing structure of Staircase AI?
How can I get started with Staircase AI?

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