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Vibe Scan is an AI tool powered by ChatGPT designed to comprehensively understand and analyze your brand's online sentiment. It operates by monitoring and scrutinizing online discussions related to your brand, effectively gauging the perception of your brand on the internet.

This tool enables users to view weekly breakdowns of such discussions and assess how various changes affect their users' experience, providing a broader perspective on your brand's online reputation.In addition to tracking general sentiment, Vibe Scan also offers a detailed sentiment score.

This score indicates the probable impression potential customers may form about your brand, offering actionable insight that could guide your digital strategy.

The Vibe Scan dashboard offers a centralized space to view and analyze all pertinent brand discussion data. With features that allow users to filter and search for the most important discussions, users can efficiently manage their brand's online presence.Vibe Scan also includes a personal AI assistant feature to help users comprehend the data and provide insights into how they can enhance their brand sentiment.

This assistant enables users to find and focus on important discussions, track recent discussions, compare their sentiment scores with their competition, and understand how their actions impact their online sentiment.

With Vibe Scan, managing your brand's online reputation becomes more accessible and data-driven.


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Vibe Scan was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 7th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Weekly breakdowns of discussions
Detailed sentiment score
Centralized data analysis dashboard
Filtering and searching discussions
Data comprehension assistance
Sentiment score comparison
Understanding sentiment impacts
Efficient online presence management
Helps with digital strategy
Tracks online discussions
Brand perception monitoring
Provides actionable insights
Important discussion tracking
Recent discussions tracking
Monitoring of reputation experiments
Alert on weekly scans
Different pricing tiers
Unlimited tracking for enterprise
Brand discussion aggregation


Limited to weekly scans
No real-time data update
No mobile app
Limited discussions analyzed
No multi-language support
Only offers sentiment analysis
Pricing could be expensive
No free trial
Limited brand names tracked


How does Vibe Scan analyze my brand's online sentiment?
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What is the role of the personal AI assistant in Vibe Scan?
How can Vibe Scan help me understand the impact of my actions on my online sentiment?
How does Vibe Scan track and compare sentiment scores with my competition?
Can Vibe Scan help me track recent discussions related to my brand?
Can Vibe Scan notify me when my brand is mentioned online?
How does Vibe Scan's sentiment analysis help in managing my brand's online reputation?
What kind of insights into my brand sentiment can Vibe Scan provide?
How does Vibe Scan help me keep up with important discussions about my brand?
How does the Vibe Scan dashboard help in making my brand's online presence management efficient?
What is the role of ChatGPT in Vibe Scan?
Can Vibe Scan help me understand how my brand is perceived online?
Can Vibe Scan help me track changes affecting my users' experience?
What is the weekly breakdown of discussions offered by Vibe Scan?
Can Vibe Scan provide a broader perspective on my brand's online reputation?
How does Vibe Scan's personal AI assistant help in enhancing my brand sentiment?

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