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Improved sales call success rate.
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Vespio AI is a conversation analysis and sales enablement tool that aims to improve the success rate of sales video calls. It provides users with the ability to break down their sales video calls to assess their success rate, receive clear statistics, and receive AI-powered suggestions on how to improve their win rate.The tool offers three main features: Pitch Supercharger, Sentiment Analysis, and Meeting Notes.

The Pitch Supercharger feature breaks down the video call into smaller parts, providing transparency into each part of the pitch, success statistics, and AI-powered suggestions based on previously won deals.

The Sentiment Analysis feature allows users to catch and analyze over 500+ signals in different languages, processing customer's voice and facial expressions with over 90% accuracy to predict the outcome and overall sentiment of a sales meeting.

The Meeting Notes feature serves as an AI assistant, capturing entire conversations, transcribing them, and automatically catching presentation slides to ensure that users never miss any important details.Vespio AI's vision is to help companies increase their conversion rates and revenue by leveraging AI and ML-powered tools.

The tool is designed to help sales representatives convert up to 4x more leads from their pipelines and increase ROI. Users can request early access to test the tool and receive updates on its development.Overall, Vespio AI aims to provide sales professionals with actionable insights and recommendations to optimize their sales video calls and improve their win rates.


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