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Predicted reactions for custom LinkedIn content.
Generated by ChatGPT

MeetFebin's Crowd Feel is an AI-powered tool that is designed to sense the reactions of the crowd. It is an experiment to see if the tool can detect the reactions of the audience, such as GenZ Teenagers, Millennials, Business Professionals, and Seniors, to their LinkedIn posts and drafts.

By inputting your draft and defining your persona, you can witness the AI perform its magic and predict the crowd's reactions in a more accurate way. The tool is built to help marketers analyze their target audience's reactions and develop better content tailored to their readers' needs.Crowd Feel utilizes AI technology to process the content and data from the input and provides predictions on the potential engagement levels of the target audience.

The tool's output can assist users in improving their LinkedIn posts and drafts. Moreover, MeetFebin notes that they have more storytelling tools in the pipeline that are tailored to the specific needs of storytellers.

These upcoming tools are geared towards enhancing the storytelling process, which can help in understanding and capturing the audience's attention in a better way.Overall, with Crowd Feel's AI-powered insights and predictions, marketers can gain a better understanding of their target audience and improve their content creation process.

Crowd Feel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Predicts LinkedIn post reactions
Targets specific audience personas
Assists content creation process
Predicts potential engagement levels
Improves LinkedIn post drafting
More tailored storytelling tools
Evaluates different demographic reactions
Tailored audience insights
Marketers' content improvement
Accurate crowd reaction predictions
Helps understand audience needs
Anticipates storyteller requirements
Specific persona targeting
Custom LinkedIn content improvement
Anticipation of pipeline tools
GenZ, Millennials, Seniors targeted
Experiment with crowd reactions
Business Professionals' reaction analysis
Helps capture audience attention
Facilitates drafting of posts


Limited to LinkedIn content
Too focused on demographics
No detail on accuracy
Only offers crowd reactions
Lack of multi-platform support
Predicts limited reaction types
Lacks real-time prediction
Unclear data security
Specific to written content
No integration capabilities


What is MeetFebin's Crowd Feel?
How does Crowd Feel work?
What is the purpose of Crowd Feel?
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Can Crowd Feel accurately predict the reactions of GenZ Teenagers and Millennials?
How does Crowd Feel help improve my LinkedIn posts/drafts?
Can Crowd Feel make predictions on the engagement levels of my target audience?
Are there more storytelling tools being developed by MeetFebin?
How can Crowd Feel enhance my storytelling process on LinkedIn?
How can the outputs from Crowd Feel assist me in content creation?
What input does Crowd Feel need to predict reactions?
Who can benefit from using Crowd Feel?
Does Crowd Feel work only for LinkedIn?
Can I use Crowd Feel if I target Business Professionals on LinkedIn?
What AI technology does Crowd Feel use?
Can Crowd Feel predict reactions for custom LinkedIn content?
Does Crowd Feel allow me to define my reader's persona?
Could Crowd Feel help me understand my audience better?
What is the advantage of Crowd Feel's AI-powered insights?
How can Crowd Feel help with LinkedIn virality?

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