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Revive your comment section with AI-generated comments.
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Living Comments is an AI comments plugin designed specifically for WordPress. Its primary purpose is to invigorate the comments section of your blog, engage readers and unlock the potential SEO value that comments can bring.

This plugin is capable of generating comments in 35 of the most widespread languages among WordPress bloggers, offering the opportunity to engage a diverse audience.

It also offers over 40 unique tones to cater to various discussions and atmospheres. The plugin includes five engagement modes ('Timely', 'Natural', 'Balanced', 'Recycle', 'Comprehensive') to control the flow of comments.

Other features include scheduling, controlling the length of comments and other customizable settings to optimize user engagement. This tool is not only designed to increase reader interaction, but also to improve SEO, as comments that align with your site's page content can provide additional context for search engine understanding and ranking of the site's content.

Living Comments also offers a built-in filter to moderate inappropriate content, ensuring a safe and secure community interaction. Users can auto-generate names or manage guest/dummy accounts for a more personal touch.

The tool provides detailed metrics to analyse the performance of your comments and replies over time.


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Living Comments was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 5th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Designed for WordPress
SEO value enhancement
Supports 35 languages
Offers 40 unique tones
Five engagement modes
Comment scheduling feature
Controls comment lengths
Customizable settings
Inbuilt content moderation filter
Auto-generate names feature
Manages guest/dummy accounts
Detailed metrics analytics
Optimizes user engagement
Improves Search engine understanding
Promotes diverse audience engagement
Safe and secure interactions
Creates personalized touch
Performance analysis over time
Revives dormant comment sections
Supports SEO-friendly automated discussions


WordPress specific
Potential for language translation inaccuracies
No API for integration
Fixed engagement modes
May not cater niche languages
Potential inappropriate name generation
Requires manual settings adjustment
Detailed metrics may overwhelm


What is Living Comments?
What are the duties of Living Comments in a WordPress blog?
How many languages does Living Comments support?
What does Living Comment mean by offering over 40 unique tones?
What are the five engagement modes of Living Comments?
What kind of scheduling options does Living Comments offer?
How can Living Comments help in controlling the length of comments?
How does Living Comments contribute to SEO?
What is the purpose of built-in filter in Living Comments?
How does Living Comments ensure a safe and secure community interaction?
Can we auto-generate names with Living Comments?
What kind of metrics does Living Comments provide for analysis?
How does Living Comments invigorate the comments section of a blog?
How does Living Comments handle guest or dummy accounts?
How does the AI tool of Living Comments generate comments?
Can Living Comments adapt to the tone of discussions in the comments section?
Is Living Comments capable of moderating inappropriate content in the comments section?
How diverse is the audience engagement functionality of Living Comments?
Can Living Comments generate comments in different languages?
Does Living Comments offer customizable settings to optimize user engagement?

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