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Generated social media replies.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-driven replies generator for Twitter and LinkedIn that enables users to increase their audience and interact with the community with less effort.

With features such as custom reactions, icebreaker for tweets, creating viral jokes, and clean design, allows users to create meaningful content in a few seconds.

It also provides users with the opportunity to edit AI prompts to get their own tone of voice. The Chrome extension is free to use and offers users the capability to upgrade to a paid plan for $7 per month.

Reviews from users show that makes it easier to streamline their social media communications and allows them to post great content and engage with the community.

It is ideal for Twitter and LinkedIn and will soon be available for Gmail.


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Pros and Cons


Generates social media replies
Custom reactions feature
Icebreaker for tweets
Creates viral jokes
Clean design
Tone of voice editor
Free Chrome extension
Option to upgrade plan
Streamlines social media communication
Increases audience interaction
Will soon support Gmail
Helps in audience growth
New custom reactions
Facilitates community interaction
Assists in creating memes
Boosts interaction
Free updates included
Makers for makers' design
Increases efficiency of writing
Affordable upgrade option
Ideal for Twitter
Ideal for LinkedIn
Recommendations from professionals
Positive user reviews
Faster content creation
Cooler joke generation
500% more effective responses
Promotes non-spam use
1-click outreach on LinkedIn
Prepares for Gmail connection
Promotes value addition in tweets
Promotes meaningful content
Easy installation process
Social media growth tool
Functional and simple design
Supports community development
Visibility increasing tool
Content engagement enhancer


Only supports Twitter, LinkedIn
Not available for Gmail
Limited customization options
Dependency on Chrome extension
Potential for generic-looking messages
Limitations in free plan
Potential for tone mismatch
No mobile app support
Limited languages support


What is
How does help generate social media replies?
What are the features of
What does the custom reactions feature do?
What does the icebreaker for tweets feature do?
How does help in creating viral jokes?
How can I edit AI prompts on to get my own tone of voice?
How much does it cost to upgrade to the paid plan of
Is there a free trial for
Which platforms is compatible with?
What have been user reviews of
How does help streamline social media communications?
How can help me increase my audience on Twitter and LinkedIn?
How does enable me to interact with social media community with less effort?
What does the '10x growth with AI-generated replies' mean?
Does have a Google Chrome extension?
What does 'be clever, funny, professional on social media, appear smarter and grow your audience with 10x less effort' mean in the context of
Is going to be available for Gmail soon?
How does help create meaningful content?
How does assist in quick response creation on social media?

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