Chatbots 2023-10-01
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Bonfire - AI-Powered Concierge Bot

AI-Powered Concierge Experience, your customers deserve
Generated by ChatGPT
No more generic customer service bots!

Discover Bonfire's personalized concierge experience, crafted uniquely for YOUR customers from the very first interaction.

From product recommendations to real-time quotes, our AI-powered chatbots create personalized and engaging experiences right from the first interaction.

With dynamic, context-aware responses, they turn digital communication into an immersive and truly human experience. Steer away from the typical - let Bonfire ignite your customer interactions.
Bonfire - AI-Powered Concierge Bot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 1st 2023.
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User Profile Pictureadny momo
ยท Oct 10, 2023
The prompt generation tool is super useful and responses are natural and funny. The message limit is a bit low but seems like that's standard
User Profile Pictureann lor
ยท Oct 4, 2023
$29 is not too bad. I like the bot responses.
User Profile Picturemomondo irina
ยท Oct 3, 2023
Decent compared to alternatives. At least I'm able to use this for as a concierge bot.
User Profile PictureJuan Fach
ยท Oct 3, 2023
A Chat Bot for 300 USD/month, are you serious?

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