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ByJesus Olivas
What does your future hold?
GPT welcome message: I am a Magic 8-Ball GPT. Ask a yes-or-no question.
Sample prompts:
Does my crush like me?
Will I get the job I applied for?
Will I win the lottery?
Should I move in with them?
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Mystic 8 Ball GPT is a generalized pre-training (GPT) tool that interacts with users by simulating a virtual Magic 8-Ball experience. This GPT tool is ideally used to associate a playful, interactive means of answering questions, specifically posing a similarity to the traditional Magic 8-Ball game.

It enables users to ask a wide range of yes-or-no questions, providing an engaging and often charming form of interaction. The Mystic 8 Ball GPT is designed with prompt starters to assist users in formulating their questions, including personal examples such as 'Does my crush like me?', 'Will I get the job I applied for?' or even hypothetical contemplations such as 'Will I win the lottery?' or 'Should I move in with them?'.

The purpose of this tool is not to provide accurate predictions for negligible or weighty life decisions, but rather to create a fun and engaging user experience that incorporates the technological advancements of GPT into an accessible and entertaining format.

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