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Introducing Arches AI: A revolution in document exploration!

What is it?

Arches AI is an innovative platform that blends AI-powered chatbots with the vast world of text documents. Simply upload your files, and let the intelligent LLM agents delve deep to fetch you the information you need.

Standout Features:

Semantic Search Engines: Boost your website or app with our search engine.

Embeddable Chatbots: Seamlessly integrate our bots into your existing websites.

Customizable AI Agents: Tailor-made based on large language models, ensuring optimal results in every setting.

On-Premise or Cloud: Deploy according to your preference.

Comprehensive Plans: From starter to enterprise, Arches has you covered.

Enjoy perks like image generation, API access, and team management.

Security First: All documents are encrypted and stored securely in the cloud. Search across multiple files with ease.

Flexible Pricing & Credits: Pay for what you use! The credit system caters to uploads, chats, and more. Plus, roll over unused credits to the next month.

What's Next?: Llama 2 support

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Sep 21, 2023
My companies handle lots of data and I needed an AI tool that could assist with my team’s workload. I cannot recommend arches over any other competitor. The owner is super responsive to any type of inquiry that pops up. He’s always responding well to all feedback as well and the product improves more and more as time passes. Keep up the great work!

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Arches AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 5th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


PDF document analysis
Personalized chatbot interactions
Customizable chatbot models
Uses large language models
Creates semantic search engines
Chatbots embeddable into websites
Agent evaluation for optimization
Cloud or on-premise deployment
Flexible pricing options
Image and animation generation
API access for developers
Secure team management
Encrypted cloud storage
Concurrent multi-file search
Token-based credit system
Rollover of unused credits
Continuous feature improvement
Supports LLAMA 2
Agent tool availability
Broad embedding options


Only works with PDF documents
Can't process real-time data
Limited to document exploration
No built-in OCR capabilities
No offline usage
No mobile application
Single-tenant deployment for Enterprise only
Not suitable for large datasets
No free plan available
Dependent on tokens for usage


What is Arches AI?
How does Arches AI extract information from documents?
What kind of documents does Arches AI support?
How does the chatbot functionality of Arches AI work?
What are the large language models in Arches AI?
Can I deploy Arches AI both in the cloud and on-premises?
What is Arches AI's pricing structure?
What are the differences between the starter, standard, and enterprise plans in Arches AI?
How does Arches AI ensure the security of my documents?
Can Arches AI search multiple documents at the same time?
How are credits calculated in Arches AI?
Do unused credits roll over in Arches AI?
What new features can we expect from Arches AI in the future?
How can I use Arches AI to create a semantic search engine for my website?
How can I embed chatbots securely into my existing website using Arches AI?
How do I evaluate agents in Arches AI across different settings?
Are there usage limitations based on the different Arches AI plans?
What kind of support does Arches AI provide?
How does Arches AI use AI-based media?
What does the team management feature in Arches AI entail?

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