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Building a simple app takes weeks. You need to configure your cloud, set up a database, build a backend, build a frontend, integrate auth, wire it up, deploy it, and maintain it. Existing AI tools help you write some code, but leave the rest to you.

Backengine builds the whole app from a natural language interface in minutes. No servers to manage, no code to write, and no engineer to pay.

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Backengine was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


API endpoint logic definition
API prompts fine-tuning
Responses structure adjustment
Request structure adjustment
One-click API deployment
Quick application logic
No-code workspace usability
Single sign-up required
Immediate backend architecture
Security for all endpoints
Team members management
Upcoming persistent data storage
Soon-to-be authentication and authorisation
External API access
Example API requests and responses
Integrated team collaboration
Dedicated infrastructure configurations
API endpoint testing
Application-specific API usage
API logic for UI
Input matching with sitemap
Dataset structure search
Classification with/without categories
Product recommendation
UI state inference
Flight search field population
Multiple use-cases
Free account for 2 endpoints
Pro version for unlimited endpoints
Paid version for enterprise
Scalability aspects
Supports integration with external APIs
Application building with zero-infrastructure
Can handle user's purchase history
Detect & highlight products
ISO country codes generation
Flexible API response structure
Prompt customization options
Ability to build, test, and iterate
Fast backend architecture
Immediate availability of endpoints
Secure and protected endpoints
Integration of external APIs


No built-in storage
No built-in authentication
Limited to 2 endpoints (free account)
External API access pending
Limited API logic customization
No data infrastructure control
No code access
Dependent on platform's backend
Enterprise scaling not explicit
Unclear security measures


What is Backengine?
How does Backengine work?
Can I create APIs without any coding or infrastructure using Backengine?
What benefits do I gain by defining API endpoint logic in natural language using Backengine?
Can I test API endpoints with Backengine?
Does Backengine allow the deployment of an API endpoint with just one click?
How can Backengine be integrated into applications?
What security measures does Backengine employ?
Can Backengine be used to build application logic without writing any code?
Can I manage my team members using Backengine?
Can I scale up my operations using Backengine's own infrastructure?
Does Backengine offer built-in authentication and authorization?
Can I use external APIs in my endpoints using Backengine?
What sort of AI-powered applications can I create using Backengine?
Does Backengine limit the number of AI-powered endpoints I can create?
What are the signup options and pricing for Backengine?
How quickly can Backengine process my backend requests?
What is the Signup Pro option in Backengine?
What benefits does the Enterprise package provide in Backengine?
Can Backengine be integrated with my existing data sets?

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