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Online cognitive behavior therapy specialist.
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Lotus is an online AI therapist that specializes in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Designed to be easily accessible, Lotus provides a platform where users can seek support for their emotional struggles.

Its primary function is to listen and engage with individuals, allowing them to express their feelings and find potential solutions. By adopting a CBT approach, Lotus aims to help users recognize negative thought patterns and develop healthier coping strategies.

It promotes self-reflection and offers guidance on managing emotions, ultimately assisting users in improving their overall well-being. Lotus does not require any software installation or downloads; it operates entirely through a web-based interface.

Users are encouraged to enable JavaScript on their devices to access the app efficiently. In addition to its therapeutic services, Lotus provides external resources through its blog.

These articles offer valuable insights on mental health-related topics, ensuring users can stay informed and expand their knowledge.To ensure transparency, Lotus maintains an "About Us" page that presents its background and mission.

Additionally, terms and conditions have been established to govern user interactions, ensuring confidentiality and privacy protection.With its user-friendly and accessible design, Lotus aims to provide support and guidance to users seeking a professional therapeutic experience.


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Jan 17, 2024
Looks like their paid version isn't working. Don't waste your money on this one.

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Pros and Cons


Specializes in CBT
Supports emotional struggles
Promotes self-reflection
Assists in managing emotions
Web-based interface
No software installation
Blog with mental health topics
Therapeutic experience
User-friendly design
Clear 'About Us' page
Transparent terms and conditions
JavaScript accessibility
Confidentiality and privacy protection
Non-judgmental interaction
Identification of negative patterns
Development of coping strategies


Requires JavaScript enabled
Web-browser only operation
No offline functionality
Limited to CBT approach
No software installation option
Lacks human interaction
Possibly impersonal responses
Limited external resources
Reliant on self-reflection
Dependent on user honesty


What is Lotus?
How does Lotus assist with emotional struggles?
What kind of therapy approach does Lotus use?
Why should I use Lotus for cognitive behavior therapy?
What is CBT and how does Lotus implement it?
How does Lotus promote self-reflection?
Can I access Lotus on any device?
Do I need to install software to use Lotus?
What kind of external resources does Lotus provide?
Is there a blog for Lotus users?
What topics are covered in the Lotus blog?
Who can use Lotus?
How can I enable JavaScript to use Lotus?
What privacy protection does Lotus offer?
What are the terms and conditions for using Lotus?
How can I access Lotus?
Is Lotus free to use?
Where can I learn more about the background and mission of Lotus?
What form of support does Lotus provide?
What is the user interface of Lotus like?

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