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Reframe negative thoughts for mood improvement.
GPT welcome message: Hello! What negative thought would you like to work on today?
Sample prompts:
Can you describe the negative thought you're having?
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CBT Negative Thought Reframer is a GPT designed to aid in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) by helping users to reframe negative thoughts. This tool functions as an interactive engagement platform, guiding users through a process of identifying, understanding and effectively managing negative thoughts.

Conceived on the foundation of CBT methodologies, the GPT starts with a welcome message to the user, encouraging dialogue about the negative thought they wish to work on.

The use of prompt starters assists in engaging users in a discussion about their thoughts, offering an avenue for exploration of their mental landscape.

Essential to its design, the GPT reframes these negative thoughts, ultimately facilitating mood improvement. In doing so, users may find a new perspective, enabling healthier thought patterns and improved emotional well-being.

The use of this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus, signifying that it is a specialized tool within the broader ChatGPT ecosystem. Developed by claryte.com, it is a valuable tool for individuals seeking to implement CBT techniques for their personal emotional health management.


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