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Monitored mental health risks in real-time.
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Earkick Workplace Mental Health is a tool designed to measure the mental health of the workforce in real-time and provide actionable suggestions to reduce burnout effectively.

The tool proactively identifies mental health risks and offers suggestions for managers to address them. This ensures that the workforce stays safe, talent is retained, and productivity is sustainable.

With Earkick, mental readiness can be measured across teams and the company in real-time, creating a competitive advantage with a mentally ready workforce.

The tool can identify issues such as burnout, anxiety, and depression before they happen, and facilitate the creation of a culture of mental care and resilience.Earkick can be downloaded as an app from the App Store, which allows users to track their anxiety and help others.

The tool provides a premier solution for measuring workplace mental health and is suitable for companies across industries. Earkick offers a proactive approach to mental health by identifying issues early on and providing actionable suggestions for wellbeing.

The tool can help organizations create a culture of mental care and resilience, promoting a healthy and productive workforce. Earkick's website also includes links to resources such as privacy policies, terms and conditions, and social media accounts.


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Earkick was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time mental health monitoring
Provides actionable suggestions
Retains talent
Sustainable productivity
Measures mental readiness across teams
Identifiable burnout, anxiety, depression
Creates culture of mental care
App available for tracking
Suitable for diverse industries
Links to additional resources
Proactive mental health approach
Promotes healthy, productive workforce
Organizational resilience promotion


Available only on App Store
No Android version
No web version
Depends on user self-reporting
Limited customization options
No Multi-language support
Lacks real-time user support
No individual user analytics
No integration with existing HR systems
No data export features


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Does Earkick have a feature to measure mental readiness across my company in real time?
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How effective is Earkick in reducing workforce burnout?
How does Earkick aid in retaining talent within the organization?
Is there an option to try Earkick before permanently implementing it in our workspace?
Does Earkick provide any option to connect with their team for assistance?
Does the Earkick app allow users to help others with their anxiety issues?
How can Earkick give my company a competitive advantage with a mentally ready workforce?

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