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Notle helps clinicians by taking their notes for them!
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Notle is an AI-driven psychometric recording and analyzing tool aimed at optimizing the work of mental health professionals. It serves as both a comprehensive documentation platform and a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS).

By enabling therapists to record and efficiently evaluate mental health dialogues, Notle provides a foundation for monitoring patient development and delivering personalized care.

Additionally, it provides practitioners with granular metrics for every session, which allows for further insight and data-driven decisions. Notle operates unobtrusively, adapting to existing routines and gathering crucial metrics without intruding on clients' daily lives.

This tool is backed by comprehensive internal tests and boasts significant precision in identifying characteristics of various mood and personality disorders from session transcriptions.

By integrating cutting-edge AI with nuanced understandings of psychology, Notle's scoring method delivers robust analytics and nuanced insights into mental health assessment.


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Notle was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 17th 2024.

Pros and Cons


Optimizes mental health professionals' work
Clinical Decision Support System
Records mental health dialogues
Monitors patient development
Personalized care delivery
Provides granular session metrics
Non-intrusive operation
Routine-adapting tool
Accurate mood disorder identification
Accurate personality disorder identification
Robust analytics
Nuanced mental health insights
Transcribes therapy sessions
High precision rate (>95%)
Patient interaction capture
Automation of note-taking
Advanced psychometric scoring
Automated CPT code selection
HIPAA-compliant data security
Compliance audit & monitoring
Robust data encryption
Real-time metrics visualization
Integrated dashboard
Streamlined billing process
Research validated methods
Data-driven insights
Detailed insights for coding
DEEPER Understanding of patient progress
User-friendly interface
Reliability rate >95%
Accuracy rate >98%
Identifies various disorders
Detects personality disorders
Session transcription feature
Free alpha phase access
Unmatched precision & reliability
Selective template selection
Advanced behavioral insights
Data-driven actionable outcomes
Dynamic metrics visualization
Effortless transcription & note-taking
Automated session documentation
Secure and compliant platform
Real-time patient progression”, “24/7 site operation
In-depth patient analysis


Not provides live support
Account creation offline
Access by invitation only
Doesn't support all personality disorders
Inability to customize scoring method
Requires manual inputting of patient ID
Requires explicit recording action
3-click review process
Quite young software
May require retraining for utilization


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How effective is Notle's scoring method?
How accurate is Notle in identifying symptoms of specific mental health disorders?
How does Notle function without intruding on clients' daily lives?
What are the granular metrics that Notle provides for every session?
How does Notle support in delivering personalized care?
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Is Notle an HIPAA-compliant platform?
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What is the success rate of Notle's reliability?

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