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ByBryan Engel
Daily mood-supportive therapist.
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How can I improve my mood today?
Suggest a relaxation activity.
I'm feeling stressed.
Ways to stay positive?
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Mood Mentor is a specialized GPT developed by Bryan Engel with a primary objective of offering daily mood-supportive interactions akin to a virtual therapist.

Its foundational AI model allows it to generate mental health supportive responses, while its use promotes positive mental wellbeing. The GPT is integrative in its approach, aimed at prompting daily healthy conversations about the user's emotional state, the challenges they may be facing, or any stress they might be experiencing.

In response, it delivers constructive advice, suggests relaxation activities, presents strategies to stay positive, and offers mood-enhancing recommendations.

The dynamic nature of this tool lies within its empathetic conversation-starters and mood supportive dialogue which encourages users to openly share their feelings and receive helpful insights routinely.

Users must subscribe to ChatGPT Plus to access Mood Mentor. It's important to note, however, that whilst Mood Mentor may provide supportive daily interactions, it is not a replacement for professional mental health services but a supplementary tool for day-to-day mood management.


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