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Byzezhou lin
A supportive psychologist for well-being advice.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm here to support your mental well-being. How can I assist you today?
Sample prompts:
I'm feeling stressed about work.
How can I improve my mood?
What are some relaxation techniques?
Can you tell me about mindfulness?
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Serenity Counselor is a GPT designed to provide supportive psychological advice while promoting overall well-being. This tool is developed by Zezhou Lin and is reliant on the underlying ChatGPT framework.

It's dedicated to aiding an individual's mental health by engaging in conversation, offering guidance, and addressing various emotions one may encounter on their day-to-day experiences.

The GPT can be initiated by the users to express their feelings or seek advice on a broad spectrum of concerns such as work-related stress, mood improvement, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness.

In its interactions, Serenity Counselor aims to foster a sense of tranquility and provide effective strategies to manage stress and anxiety. It offers users conversational support to navigate through their mental well-being challenges, although it should be noted that it doesn't replace professional psychiatric services.

While this GPT provides helpful and positive interaction, individuals facing severe emotional or psychological distress are recommended to seek help from professional mental health providers.


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