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Automated speech therapy documentation.
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Tenalog™ is a powerful tool designed for busy SLPs (Speech-Language Pathologists) who want to streamline their documentation process and focus more on their patients.

With Tenalog™, SLPs can record their therapy sessions using Ambiki's HIPAA-compliant recorder. The tool then automatically generates a variety of documentation including a detailed transcript, error analysis, visit notes, progress tracking, parent-friendly summaries, and session planning for the next visit.The tool simplifies the documentation process by automatically generating a detailed transcript with precise timestamps and speaker labels.

It also analyzes the pronunciation of significant patient words and phrases, down to the phoneme level. SLPs can benefit from automatically generated visit notes based on the audio transcript, which includes a detailed speech sound chart.Progress tracking is made easy with Tenalog™ as the tool extracts structured data from the session and ties it back to the patient's goals.

SLPs can view progress through beautiful goal-level progress charts, articulation charts, and even revisit patient progress through a history of audio clips.Tenalog™ also offers session planning for the next visit by automatically generating session plan ideas based on the previous session.

Relevant resources and activity lists from Ambiki's library of therapy tools are recommended to support session planning.Additionally, Tenalog™ provides reference links for further research, listing evidence-based practice (EBP) references based on the content of the session and the goals being worked on.Overall, Tenalog™ helps SLPs save time and effort with its automated documentation features, allowing them to focus more on delivering quality therapy to their patients.

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Pros and Cons


HIPAA-compliant recorder
Generates detailed transcript
Automatic error analysis
Tracks progress easily
Generates visit notes
Generates parent-friendly summaries
Offers session planning
Resource and activity recommendations
Provides relevant reference links
Saves SLPs time
Analyzes pronunciation at phoneme level
Goal-level progress charts
Articulation charts
Transcript with timestamps and labels
Structures session data
History of audio clips for revisiting progress
Generates session plan ideas
Generates a detailed speech sound chart
Automated documentation features
Professional resource recommendations
Automatic generation of MVP reels
Direct audio recording or uploading
Full control with Tenalog Editor
Integration with patient goals
Automated transcription with no human intervention
Supports English language transcription
Supports One-to-One sessions
Easy editability of transcript output
Ability to function with poor Wi-Fi
Adjustable score threshold for correct trials
Can be used by OTs and PTs
Highly efficient processing of audio files


No multilingual support
Doesn't support group sessions
Possible increase in administrative work
Dependent on strong Wi-Fi for online recording
Potential excess noise interference
Unclear tool accuracy
No error scoring benchmark
Lack of different dialect support
Pricing per session
Capable microphone needed


What is Tenalog?
How does Tenalog work?
What kind of documentation does Tenalog automatically generate?
Does Tenalog analyze pronunciation?
How does Tenalog help with progress tracking?
Can Tenalog help plan future therapy sessions?
What are 'parent-friendly summaries' provided by Tenalog?
Does Tenalog recommend any resources for session planning?
How exactly does Tenalog save time for SLPs?
Is Tenalog HIPAA-compliant?
How does Tenalog handle different speakers during a session?
Does Tenalog support multiple languages or accents?
How can I use Tenalog in areas with poor Wi-Fi?
Will Tenalog work fine with background noise during a session?
Does Tenalog provide any editing options for its generated output?
Can Tenalog be used by Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists?
Does Tenalog require pre-established patient goals or Plan of Care?
How long does it take for Tenalog to process an audio file?
Is there an extra administrative work for therapists using Tenalog?
How does Tenalog handle consent from parents/legal guardians/patients?

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