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Transforms audio into text from an uploaded file or URL.
GPT welcome message: Bonjour, je suis prêt à transcrire votre audio en texte!
Sample prompts:
Transcris cet audio pour moi, s'il te plaît.
Peux-tu convertir cette URL audio en texte?
J'ai besoin d'une transcription de ce fichier audio.
Pouvez-vous me fournir la transcription de cet enregistrement?
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Transcription audio en texte is a GPT developed by, designed with the specific function of transcribing audio into text. The core functionality of this tool revolves around transcribing uploaded audio files or audios accessed via a URL into readable text format.

Transcription audio en texte has been designed to work in tandem with the communication model, ChatGPT Plus, amplifying its abilities to understand and translate audio content into textual data thereby facilitating, ease, speed and precision in the transcription process.

Upon initiation, the GPT welcomes users with a message stating its readiness to begin transcription. Its features seamlessly cater to different language environments.

As such, users can start commands such as 'Transcribe this audio for me, please', 'Can you convert this audio URL into text?', 'I need a transcription of this audio file', or 'Can you provide me with a transcript of this recording?' Overall, Transcription audio en texte offers an intelligent solution to the transformation of audio data into easily processed and comprehended text information.

Whether for podcast transcription, interviews, or simple conversion of aural to written data, users can depend on the efficiency of this tool.


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