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Mac-based transformation of audio to text.
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MacWhisper is a state-of-the-art transcription technology developed by OpenAI that quickly and easily transcribes audio files into text. It is designed to be used on Mac computers, with a simple drag and drop process to get an accurate transcription of your audio file in seconds.

MacWhisper supports a variety of formats including MP3, WAV, M4A, and MP4 videos, and it can transcribe in over 100 languages. It also offers a Reader Mode, allowing you to edit and delete segments from the transcript, as well as search and highlight words.MacWhisper Pro includes the Large model which offers the best transcription available and has the highest accuracy, however it takes longer to generate.

The regular version of MacWhisper uses the Tiny (English only) and Base (100 languages) models, which are still very accurate and fast. The accuracy of the transcription can be improved by selecting the language you want it to transcribe in.For more advanced features, MacWhisper also offers support for combining segments into sentences, CSV export, Monterey Support, translation of transcriptions, an auto updater, adding your own models, and transcribing podcasts.

It is available for free, or you can pay a small fee to get the Pro version.


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Apr 23, 2024
Great app. I am trying Free version. Working fine. will upgrade to Pro soon to transcribe and summarize my online meetings.
Jul 11, 2023
Whisper Mate (macOS) it another alternative

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Pros and Cons


Designed for Mac computers
Drag and drop usability
Transcribes variety of formats
Supports over 100 languages
Includes Reader Mode
Advanced editor capabilities
Search and highlight words
Offers Large transcription model
Variety of model options
Language selection for accuracy
Support for combining segments
CSV export capability
Monterey Support
Translation of transcriptions
Auto Updater feature
Adds custom models
Transcribes podcasts
Free or paid versions
Fast transcription time
Exports .srt & .vtt subtitles
Syncs audio playback to transcripts
Copy entire or parts of transcript
Supports Tiny, Base and Large models
Auto detect language feature


Only works on MacOS
Extra cost for Pro version
Large model takes longer
No support for mobile devices
Large files require paid version
Advanced features coming soon
Javascript required
Limited to certain audio formats
Multiple language support is slower
English-only on Tiny model


What is MacWhisper?
How does MacWhisper work?
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What's the difference between MacWhisper and MacWhisper Pro?
How can I improve the accuracy of transcriptions in MacWhisper?
Can MacWhisper transcribe videos?
What is the Reader Mode in MacWhisper?
What are the advanced features offered by MacWhisper?
How can I add my own models to MacWhisper?
Can MacWhisper transcribe podcasts?
What is the 'Large model' in MacWhisper Pro?
What are the Tiny and Base models in MacWhisper?
How much does MacWhisper cost?
What is the transcription process like with MacWhisper?
How fast does MacWhisper produce transcripts?
Why is there a file size limit for MacWhisper on Gumroad?
What is the 'Combine Segments into Sentences' feature in MacWhisper?
Does MacWhisper require an internet connection to work?
How can I export my transcriptions from MacWhisper?

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