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Convert your audio files to text with OpenAI Whisper
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WhisperUI is a Speech to Text service built on OpenAI Whisper, a state-of-the-art Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system. The platform allows users to convert their audio files into text or SRT files, making it useful for a variety of applications like transcription services, subtitle generation, or linguistic analysis.

WhisperUI supports a broad range of file types including MP3, MP4, MPEG, MPGA, M4A, WAV, and WEBM, with a maximum file size limit set by OpenAI. The Whisper system derives its robustness from having been trained on a comprehensive and diversified data set that includes multilingual and multitask supervised data obtained from the web.

This ensures impressive performance against various accents, background noise, and technical language. Furthermore, Whisper can transcribe speech in multiple languages and translate them into English.

The transcription process begins when a user uploads an audio file to the WhisperUI web application, which then uses OpenAI Whisper to transform the spoken words into text.

The transcribed text is then made available to the user for review and modification. Users need an active OpenAI API Key to use the service, with billing handled directly by OpenAI based on the number of tokens used.

A premium feature set, which includes the ability to upload multiple files at once and daily unlimited uploads, is also available.


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Pros and Cons


Supports numerous audio formats
Optimized for various accents
Handles technical language
Effective with background noise
Transcribes multiple languages
Translation capabilities
User-friendly web application
Editable transcriptions
Premium features available
Bulk file uploading
Daily unlimited uploads option
Converts audio to SRT
Robust dataset training
Useful for linguistics analysis
Subtitle generation functionality
Broad application use
High transcription accuracy
Transcription speed efficiency
Supports major languages
File size limit 25MB
API Key stored safely
Affordable service costs


Maximum file size limit
Billing per token used
Premium features cost extra
Limited file format support
Dependent on audio quality
Potential language translation errors
Transcription time varies
Multitask data training limits
No offline usage


What is WhisperUI exactly?
How does WhisperUI use OpenAI Whisper?
What types of files does WhisperUI support?
Does WhisperUI have a maximum file size limit?
What makes WhisperUI robust against different accents and noisy backgrounds?
Can WhisperUI transcribe speech in languages other than English?
What is the process for WhisperUI to transcribe my audio files?
How can I access WhisperUI services?
Are there costs associated with using WhisperUI?
What additional benefits do I receive if I get the premium features?
Can I use WhisperUI for linguistic analysis?
Can WhisperUI help in generating subtitles?
How is billing handled with WhisperUI?
How does WhisperUI handle technical language in audio files?
Does WhisperUI offer translation services?
What qualifications does WhisperUI have for ASR systems?
Can I use WhisperUI for transcription services?
What is the daily upload limit for WhisperUI?
What is the role of an active OpenAI API Key in using WhisperUI?
Can I upload multiple files at once with WhisperUI?

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