Create unique digital art via collages & spliced images.

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Artbreeder is an AI-powered tool for crafting art like never before. It enables users to create collages, splice images and share their work with a vibrant AI art community.

The Collager feature lets users make a simple collage from shapes and images, and then describe it with a prompt. Artbreeder will then bring it to life, allowing users to explore images and make their own portraits, landscapes and paintings.The Splicer feature allows users to mix and edit images to create new images.

They can follow favorite creators and share their work with the community. People are using Artbreeder to create concept art, history and music videos.Pricing plans are available ranging from free to Champion, with each offering different features such as image uploads, high resolution downloads and animation frames.

The free plan offers unlimited images, while the Champion plan offers unlimited image uploads and high resolution downloads. All plans have access to Google Drive Sync, privacy controls and custom genes.

Artbreeder was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 27th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Collage creation
Image splicing
Community feature
High resolution downloads
Customizable genes
Google Drive Sync
Privacy controls
User-friendly interface
Community collaboration
Interpretation feature
Favorite artists follow
Different pricing plans
Unlimited images with free plan
Animation frames included
Portraits, landscapes, paintings creation
Concept art creation
History and music videos creation
Diverse community
Prompt description feature
Unlimited uploads with Champion plan


Limited image uploads
Casual users face waiting times
No extra features on free version
Limited high res downloads
Paid tiers necessary for full functionality
Privacy controls only for paying members
Integration only with Google Drive
Must pay for access to custom genes
No API mentioned
Support only for individual users


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