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Creating images with AI collaboratively.
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Artbreeder is a collaborative platform designed to create images using artificial intelligence. Its core functionalities revolve around AI-powered tools that enable users to generate characters, artworks, and more.

A distinctive feature of Artbreeder is the possibility to blend images and text with each other, facilitating the creation of uniquely composed artworks.

Another feature allows users to construct images from simple shapes, images, and text, providing an additional layer of flexibility and creativity in the image creation process.

By providing a shared space where users can interact with AI and with each other, Artbreeder enables the exploration of new creative applications of artificial intelligence.

The platform is user-friendly and encourages exploration and creativity, as users can mix and match different elements to generate unique images. Artbreeder, therefore, can serve as a nexus where AI and human creativity intersect, providing tools and opportunities for the creation and discovery of novel visual content.

Artbreeder was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 27th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Collager feature
Splicer feature
Community interaction
Concept art creation
Music video creation
Google Drive Sync
Privacy controls
Custom genes
Character generation
Unique artworks creation
Art collaboration
Image-text blending
Shared creative space
User-friendly platform
Unlimited images (free plan)
High resolution downloads (Champion Plan)
Unlimited image uploads (Champion Plan)
Variety of pricing plans
Visual content creation
Flexible image creation
Multi-tool availability
Historical video creation
Images from simple shapes
10M users
250M images


Paid high resolution
Limited in free plan
No offline mode
No professional editing tools
Limited privacy controls
No version control
Limited collaboration features
No image format options
Community dependent content


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