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Turn your thoughts into usable notes
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Audiotext Ai is a tool that streamlines note-taking by converting spoken words into written text. It provides an efficient way to transcribe thoughts, ideas, and lectures, eliminating the need for traditional handwritten notes.

Alongside general transcription, Audiotext Ai excels in simplifying the content creation process by enabling bloggers, YouTubers, and writers to dictate their content that is then transcribed automatically.

The service not only enhances learning for students by converting lectures into readable format, but also assists in business settings where meeting minutes can be easily extracted and shared.

Users can maintain a personal voice diary and select from various transcription styles according to their preference. In just a click, the AI can rewrite the notes, making them more concise and readable.

The tool also offers a 'share' feature, where users can create a unique link for their notes to be shared on web and social media platforms. It additionally provides the ability to export the data in CSV format which can be downloaded on web, iOS, and Android platforms.


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Pros and Cons


Streamlines note-taking
Converts speech to text
Simplifies content creation
Transcribes automatically
Enhances learning for students
Useful for business settings
Maintains personal voice diary
Various transcription styles
Rewrites notes concisely
Share feature
Unique link creation
Exports data as CSV
Platform accessibility: web, iOS, Android
Turns messy speech into clean notes
Supports short, long summary formats
Bullet points, active, passive voice
One-click note rewrite
Public note sharing
Native mobile apps
Accurate voice-to-text conversion
Text edit option after conversion


No offline functionality
Limited transcription styles
Depends on speech clarity
No multilingual support
No real-time transcription
No API for integration
Rewrite feature may alter meaning
Transcriptions might miss context
Share feature lacks privacy control
Limited options for data export


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