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Converts audio to text.
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Aiko is an AI-powered audio transcription tool that allows users to easily convert speech to text from meetings, lectures, and more. The transcription is performed directly on the user's device, ensuring complete privacy.

Aiko's transcription capabilities are powered by OpenAI's Whisper model, which is capable of transcribing audio in 100 different languages. The app supports audio and video files and offers exporting to many different formats, including JSON, CSV, and subtitles.

Aiko is designed to be a simple tool for audio transcription, although it includes support for Shortcuts. For more advanced users, MacWhisper is an alternative tool from the same developer that offers additional features like improved performance on iOS thanks to CoreML and batch conversion.

As a privacy-focused app, Aiko does not allow editing of the transcription within the app, and users are encouraged to export and edit the transcription in a proper text editor.

Aiko divides the transcription text by sentences, although users can use a workaround to divide the text into paragraphs or fix missing punctuations using a prompt from ChatGPT.

While Aiko does not yet support live transcription or diarization, the developer plans to prioritize more popular requests. Aiko is compatible with macOS and iOS devices, and users can easily drag and drop audio files or share recordings from apps like Voice Memos and Telegram for transcription.


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Jan 18, 2024
If you are in the Mac world, this is great. Versions for iOS, macOS, and ipadOS. Turn it on and let it listen (record). When done, let it transcribe. Incredibly accurate. Transcribed a 30 minute Zoom meeting by setting the iPhone on the desk. Took around 10 minutes to transcribe but the results were great. Note that everything is done on the device. Nothing is sent to the cloud. And it is free!
Jan 1, 2024
Works well on mobile.

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Pros and Cons


Supports 100 languages
On-device transcription
Ensures user privacy
Supports audio and video files
Exports to JSON, CSV, subtitles
Compatible with macOS, iOS
Easy drag and drop audio files
Transcripts divided by sentences
Edit transcriptions in any text editor
ChatGPT for punctuation, paragraph adjustment
Upcoming features prioritized by user requests
Share recordings from apps like Voice Memos, Telegram
Uses CoreML for performance improvement on iOS
Support for Shortcuts
Native, written in Swift and SwiftUI
Free without ads
Can export transcription as subtitles


No live transcription
No in-app transcription editing
Divides text by sentences
Sometimes missing punctuation
No diarization
Doesn't support non-native audio formats
Doesn't support language deletion
No naming of speakers
Consumes significant disk space
Transcription may repeat


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How does Aiko ensure user privacy?
Can you edit transcriptions directly in Aiko?
What alternative AI tools are available for more advanced transcription needs?
Does Aiko support live transcription or diarization?
What improvements are planned for Aiko?
How can users request new features or report bugs?
How is Aiko different from built-in transcription on Apple devices?
Why does transcription with Aiko take so long?
Can you remove languages from Aiko to save space?
How can users transcribe audio from the Voice Memos app or Telegram using Aiko?
Can Aiko transcribe a Zoom meeting?
Is Aiko free to use?
How can users translate the app into their local language with Aiko?
Where can users check for updates or new versions of Aiko?

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