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Build Chatbot is a no-code AI chatbot tool designed to enhance user experience for businesses and individuals. It supports multiple file formats and can be trained on private data.

With Build Chatbot, users can easily view customer queries, understand their needs, and tailor content accordingly. The tool allows users to update responses, refine engagements, and transform visitors into satisfied customers, resulting in increased visitor engagement and conversions.One notable feature of Build Chatbot is its unique Chat History, which enables users to capture every customer question and witness a significant boost in conversions.

The tool also offers a personalized AI chatbot experience, allowing users to customize their chatbot, align it with their brand ethos, and deliver unparalleled conversational experiences.Build Chatbot is trusted by both industry leaders and rising stars alike.

The setup process is quick and involves three simple steps: setting up a personalized chatbot, training the chatbot by uploading various file formats, and embedding the chatbot code into the website.Additionally, Build Chatbot offers seamless integration with Zapier, allowing users to automate actions in response to chatbot interactions.

This integration ensures streamlined lead generation processes and synchronized data across various platforms. Integration with Slack, a leading team collaboration and messaging platform, allows for real-time information sharing and improved team collaboration.Build Chatbot further enhances user engagement with its full-page chat widget, which can be customized according to the brand's preferences.

The tool also provides comprehensive support for a wide range of file formats, including the recent addition of Excel file support, enabling effective data management and retrieval.


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Feb 23, 2024
Tried Build Chatbot for the first time, and it's a game-changer! Effortless setup, and it's like having a virtual assistant. Totally satisfied with the experience!
Jan 30, 2024
We added Build Chatbot to our website for FAQs and support. It impressively gives exact answers from our service files. The ease of getting started is the best. I was up in less than 5 minutes, asking questions to the files.
Dec 19, 2023
As far as a knowledge base of text-based information, this is fantastic and really easy to use. It works great with Text, PDF, Docs, Web Page URL and even in audio and video. Its ability to provide precise answers from uploaded files about our services is impressive. The ability to embed the chatbot on our website has improved our user engagement significantly
Nov 28, 2023
Build chatbot made bot creation effortless, even for someone like me without technical expertise. Embedding it seamlessly on my website enhances user engagement, and the option to connect to a live agent when needed is reassuring.

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