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Smart website chatbot and knowledge base creation.
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Get Chunky is an AI-based tool for creating interactive knowledge bases and smart website chatbots. It is easy to use, as it is based on Google Sheets and does not require any coding knowledge.

It allows users to create a smart assistant for their website, Slack or Microsoft Teams, or any other platform they choose to integrate with. Get Chunky also allows users to create an AI-based knowledge base, which can be used to answer employee questions quickly and accurately.

Get Chunky is free to test and provides users with a helpful chatbot that can answer questions and provide relevant information. Additionally, Get Chunky is constantly working on adding new integrations and features to make their tool even more useful.


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Pros and Cons


Google Sheets based
No coding knowledge required
Multi-platform integrations
Knowledge base creation
Free to test
Regularly updated features
Slack and Microsoft Teams compatibility
Simple bot training
Web-based version available
Interactive chatbots
Quick and accurate responses
User-friendly interface
Free smart assistant training
FAQ integration
Unknown integrations upcoming


Based on Google Sheets
Limited integrations available
No coding customization
Knowledge base dependent
Limited platform adaptation
Requires Google account
No standalone app
Unclear upgrade options
Support through Twitter
Website dependency for setup


What is Get Chunky?
How can I integrate Get Chunky into my website?
What platforms does Get Chunky support for integration?
How can Get Chunky assist my employees?
How do I train Get Chunky for my company data?
How do I create a knowledge base using Get Chunky?
Does Get Chunky require knowledge of coding?
Is there a free trial available for Get Chunky?
How is Get Chunky used to create chatbots?
Do I need to have a Google Sheets account to use Get Chunky?
What types of questions can Get Chunky answer?
What new features or integrations is Get Chunky planning to add?
How much does Get Chunky cost after the free trial?
Can I integrate Get Chunky with Microsoft Teams?
How does Get Chunky work with Slack?
Can I get a web-based version of Get Chunky?
How can Get Chunky help me improve my customer service?
How secure is it to use Get Chunky?
How can I customize the responses of Get Chunky?
Can I use Get Chunky on multiple websites simultaneously?

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