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Chatbot creation & management for inquiries.
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EmbedAI is a remarkable tool designed to empower users in creating their own AI chatbots. Developed to efficiently handle large volumes of information and provide rapid automated responses, this platform offers a seamless solution for managing user queries.

With the ability to login via Google or Github, EmbedAI presents a user-friendly interface. Noteworthy features include the capability to maintain and modify multiple knowledgebases according to personal preferences.

Users can further customize their chatbot's appearance by selecting from various themes, colors, and base prompts. Additionally, EmbedAI supports the integration of YouTube videos, web links, as well as PDF, DOCX, and TXT file formats.

The tool boasts compatibility with over 100 languages and is powered by a range of Large Language Models (LLMs), including OpenAI's renowned GPT model.

The extensive language support enables diverse and inclusive interactions. Overall, EmbedAI provides a valuable resource for creating AI chatbots, which can optimize information management and promptly address user inquiries.


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Pros and Cons


Login via Google or Github
User-friendly interface
Manage multiple knowledgebases
Modify knowledgebases
Customizable chatbot appearance
Various themes
Color selection for appearance
Edit base prompts
Integration of YouTube videos
Web link integration
Supports PDF, DOCX, TXT
Over 100 languages support
Powered by LLMs
Diverse and inclusive interactions
Optimized information management
Prompt address of inquiries


No explicit privacy policy
Lacks voice recognition capabilities
Limited customization options
No mobile app version
Limited file format support
Dependent on Google/Github for login
Lack of multi-platform compatibility
No integration with messaging apps
No live chat support
Unable to handle complex interactions

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