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Customizable management platform for virtual assistants.
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Libraria is an autonomous platform that empowers users to create, manage, and embed custom AI assistants from their own data using Open AI embeddings. The tool offers a simple process to import or sync documents, as well as API integrations like Google and Shopify, to create a custom AI assistant based on the imported data.

Users can customize their assistant’s name, avatar, prompts, integrations, and more to match their branding. Once created, the AI assistant is capable of responding to queries in full markdown, with images, code, links, and more.

The tool can also provide step-by-step instructions to users with lists. Besides, Libraria can scrape URLs and XMLs, Oauth Integrations like Notion, Google Docs, Sheets, and more for data and synchronization.

The ping-pong of queries can be viewed and judged on the app’s feedback dashboard to improve the assistant over time.Libraria offers different pricing plans, with the free plan allowing users to try most of the tool's features, create a single assistant, and one team.

The Team and Enterprise plans offer better value for large teams with lots of queries – with millions of characters of content and 100,000 queries per month— and the pricing characteristic of these plans varies accordingly.

The tool offers a chat view and library integration, with the ability to manage authorities and privacy settings. Libraria empowers users to create multiple assistants in one place for their customers or for themselves, ensuring that their team is always on the same page by creating knowledge bases that are easy to access and update.

Additionally, users can brand assistants depending on their audience and back it with data relevant to them.


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Pros and Cons


User-defined bot naming
Customizable avatar
Customizable prompts
Integrations for data sync
APIs like Google, Shopify
Markdown responses, with images
Code and link response
Create step-by-step instructions
URL and XML scraping
Oauth integrations (Notion, Google Docs)
Feedback dashboard
Different pricing plans
Free plan available
Service suitable for large teams
Chat view and library integration
Can manage authorities and privacy
Create multiple assistants
Define audience for branding
Supports different languages
Automatic syncing with sources
Assistant can return images/links
Assistant customization options
Access control (individuals, teams)
Embeddable widget for websites
Query history tracking
Different response types
2-day turnaround for integrations
Can pull from latest information
Privacy features for assistants
Custom branding and styling
Custom prompting
GPT-4 availability
Custom subdomain
Assistant landing page
File upload capability
Customizable data for audience
URL syncing
Allows manual syncing


Limited free plan
Extra charges after credits
Confusing credit system
Subscription-based pricing
Limited document sync
Two-day turnaround for integrations
Limited team size in free
Privacy settings only in app
Additional charges for exceeding queries


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