Chatbots 2023-03-05
One-click creation of tailored chatbots.
Generated by ChatGPT

Ora's 1-click chatbot tool offers users the ability to create their own custom chatbots without any coding knowledge. The chatbots are powered by ChatGPT and can be easily created by describing the desired bot.

Ora takes care of the rest of the creation process. The tool also offers Stable Diffusion, which enables the generation of images right within the chat conversation.

Users can explore a vast library of over 100,000 chatbots created by Ora users and get creative with their own ChatGPT-driven prompts. Sharing the chatbots is effortless as users can simply copy a link and send it.

The tool also offers an HTML or React snippet to seamlessly incorporate any Ora bot into a website. Additionally, Ora provides insightful data on the bot's performance, which is useful for bot creators or users.

Overall, Ora's 1-click chatbot tool is a user-friendly solution for those wanting to create custom chatbots without any coding and is powered by ChatGPT.


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Ora was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


One-click chatbot creation
No coding knowledge required
Powered by ChatGPT
Offers Stable Diffusion
Image generation in chats
Vast chatbot library
Streamlined chatbot sharing
HTML React snippet integration
Insightful bot performance data
Customizable GPT prompts
High-volume message handling
Easy exploration of created chatbots
Effortless incorporation into websites
Supports bot popularity assessment


Lacks advanced customization options
No multi-language support
Limited analytics capabilities
Depends on ChatGPT
No mobile app
No multi-platform support
No API for integration
Cannot import/export bot data
No chat history retention feature
No user-based access control


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What does Ora offer for integrating the bot into my website?
Do I get data on my Ora bot's performance?
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Where can I sign up for Ora?
Do I have to describe my desired bot for Ora's 1-click chatbot creation?
Is it possible to incorporate an Ora bot into a HTML or React website?
What kind of analytics does Ora provide for its chatbots?
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