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Custom chatbots with unique personalities and functions.
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LLAMABOT is a tool that enables users to easily create chatbots with their own custom personality and functions. This tool allows users to train their chatbots on their own data, ranging from FAQ pages, documentation, course content, and more.

Furthermore, LLAMABOT allows users to embed their chatbots directly into their website and create an unlimited number of chatbots. One of the primary benefits of using LLAMABOT is the ability to explore user questions, which can help businesses and organizations better understand the needs and preferences of their users.

The tool also offers example chatbots such as FAQ chat, documentation explorer, and customer service for a gym, which can give users an idea of what kind of chatbots they can create.Overall, LLAMABOT offers an easy and straightforward way for users to create their own chatbots without requiring any coding knowledge.

With its simple interface and customizable features, users can quickly create chatbots that can provide value and engage with their audience.


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Jul 22, 2023
Very easy and fast to use and configure👌 Maybe watch the 5min tutorial if you need

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Pros and Cons


Customizable chatbot personalities
Unique chatbot functions
Trainable on own data
Direct website embedment
Unlimited chatbot creation
User question exploration
Pre-made example chatbots
No coding knowledge required
Simple user interface
Can use course content
Insight into user needs
Quick chatbot creation


No API integration
No multilingual support
Doesn't support mobile apps
Limited customization features
No analytics offered
No integration with CRM
No Voice-enabled chatbot feature
Doesn't support other platforms
No proactive user engagement
No offline mode


What does LLAMABOT do?
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Is there a limit to the number of chatbots I can create using LLAMABOT?
How does LLAMABOT help to explore user questions?
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How can LLAMABOT help my business?
Can LLAMABOT handle customer service functions?
What kind of data can I use to train my chatbot on LLAMABOT?
Can my custom chatbot created in LLAMABOT handle FAQ page or course content?
How customizable is the personality of a chatbot created with LLAMABOT?
How can I adjust the functions of the chatbots created in LLAMABOT?
How long does it take to create a chatbot using LLAMABOT?
Is there a mobile app version of LLAMABOT?
Does LLAMABOT offer support or resources in case I need help?
Is there any particular browser needed to use LLAMABOT?
How can I get started creating chatbots using LLAMABOT?
Are there any pricing plans for using LLAMABOT?

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