Chatbots 04 Mar 2023
Chatbot suggesting products to improve website UX.

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot tool that helps website owners enhance their website's user experience by adding a chatbot that can answer visitors' questions about their content.

The tool is capable of providing accurate responses and finding the best matching products for e-commerce websites based on their product page descriptions, user reviews, etc.

The chatbot works with all types of content as long as the website has text content on it, including media hosting services that provide alt texts, meta tags, or title in a text form. provides basic styling customization for the chatbot, and users can manage the text chunks that the AI must use to improve the results. The AI finds the website's content by strictly following the website's sitemap.xml to get all publicly available URLs and scraping the text content found on those pages.

If the website doesn't have a sitemap.xml, users can upload their own content, and the tool provides tips on how to improve the results by adding more text content to the website, especially FAQs.

The tool currently offers a flat price of $99 that provides unlimited features for an unlimited number of websites, and there is a seven days free trial available.

Users can see every request made through the chatbot under their website details and view the question and the AI's reply. The tool doesn't allow webmasters to reply to users at this stage, but the company plans to add this feature once it gets out of beta.


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