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AgentX is an AI Agent Chatbot Build Platform designed to help users construct, adjust, deploy, and integrate AI Agent Chatbots. This platform provides an accessible way to harness artificial intelligence for businesses by enabling them to create and deploy a ChatGPT in a minimal span of time without coding knowledge.

Users can give their AI Agent a name, define its bio, designate its duties, and equip it with any choice of knowledge. The platform is integrated with multiple channels including WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, Square Space, Slack, WhatsApp, email, and text, facilitating easy deployment to a variety of systems.

Through the platform, AI Agents can be customized with data peculiar to the user's needs. AgentX also features AI tuning technology which allows users to adjust the behavior of their AI Agent using natural language in real time.

In addition to enabling no-code building solutions, the platform provides advanced tools for those comfortable with coding for achieving more customized results.

AgentX also sports a community feature dubbed Agent Space, where creators can present their agents and interact with ones created by others.


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Mar 30, 2024
Great tool. Love the lead generation feature that converts users chatting with the bot into leads in my mailbox

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Pros and Cons


No coding knowledge required
Multi-channel integration
Creations can be displayed
Interactive creator community
Coding for further customization
Deployment in popular platforms
Less than 5 min deploy
Capabilities for advanced users
Community interaction features
Integrated with WordPress
Integrated with Webflow
Integrated with Shopify
Square Space integration
WhatsApp Integration
Email Integration
Text message integration
Tune behavior in real-time
Agent Space community
Tools for code comforted
Multi-channel deployment
Free from credit card need
Multi-model mix match build
Option for LLM choice
Provides GPT3.5
Provides GPT4
Google Gemini pro support
Anthropic Claude support
Diffusion XL image generation
Customizing with natural language
Slack chatbot integration
Integrated with popular web builders


No mention of translation features
Limited to text-based deployments
No clear visualization tools
No voice assistant integration
Limited platform integrations
No chat history tracking


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