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Tailor-made ChatGPT AI chatbots for your digital space
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NexxtSupport is a no-code chatbot platform designed for E-commerce and SaaS businesses. It utilizes ChatGPT technology and custom data inputs to provide a tailored chatbot for digital spaces.

Aimed at gathering leads, boosting sales, and automating customer support, these chatbots can be personalized to blend seamlessly with a brand's identity.

NexxtSupport allows for customization of lead collection methods and uses an advanced recommendation engine to aid this process. The platform provides analytic capabilities to yield insights about customers and enable data-driven decisions.

NexxtSupport chatbots support over 50 languages, expanding the customer reach. It also functions as a shopping assistant, with capabilities for upselling and cross-selling through its recommendation system.

Once the chatbot is customized and enriched with data, it can be easily integrated into a website or app. NexxtSupport also offers varied data source integrations for a seamless data enriching for chatbots.

The chatbot takes charge of handling customer inquiries and gather leads, putting customer support largely on autopilot.


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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Designed for E-commerce and SaaS
Chatbot personalization
Customizable lead collection
Advanced recommendation engine
Analytics capabilities
Supports 50+ languages
Shopping assistant capabilities
Easy integration into website/app
Varied data source integrations
Seamless data enriching
Automated customer support
Boosts sales
Brand identity alignment
Handles customer inquiries
Gathers leads
Customize chatbot's appearance
Embedding feature for integration
Efficient support experience
Regularly added integrations


Limited customization
Dependent on data input
May lack language nuances
Upselling could be pushy
No explicit security features
Not mentioned any API
Data integration dependent
Dependent on GPT-Chat performance
Might require constant updates
No pricing transparency

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