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Marketing & sales content creation platform.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered content platform designed to streamline the marketing and sales content production process. It provides over 30 proven AI-powered templates that can help users create amazing content 10 times faster, saving countless hours of manual labor.

The platform offers more than 50 AI prompt templates for various marketing and sales content needs such as sales copies, social posts, ad copies, and article creation.

Users can transform their marketing and sales strategies within seconds by using these easy-to-use templates. The platform uses the best available frameworks to provide great templates that boost user productivity. offers a one-stop-shop for managing all kinds of written content, from Ad copies to email subject lines and video scripts manager, among others.

Users can manage their content creation, track their spending, and view and manage their bills. The platform enables users to track their expenses in real-time, record insights and manage budgets and expense categories.

It is trusted by over 14,000 creators and provides options for small, medium and large businesses. The platform offers a free plan with 3,000 words per month, followed by paid plans with 15,000 and 50,000 words per month, respectively.

It is fast, produces high-quality content, and offers great value for money. is an excellent option for professionals searching for an AI-powered content platform that can deliver high-quality content easily and efficiently.


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Pros and Cons


Content creation 10x faster
Variety of content templates
Content management features
Real-time expense tracking
Budget management features
14,000+ happy users
Suitable for SMBs and Enterprises
Free plan offered
Paid plans with more words
Produces high-quality content
Great value for money
Google ads creation support
Facebook Ads creation support
Linkedin Posts creation support
Support Email Copywriting
Designer Video Scripts manager
Blog Posts support
All writings in one place
Upcoming Workflow features
Easily view and manage bills
Option to link bank
Real-time transaction history
Budgets and expense categories
Insights to manage expenses
Limited Beta Pricing
Affordable plans
High user satisfaction
Saves significant amount of time
Easy to use tool
Boosts productivity
No credit card needed
No time limit on Free plan
Promises mobile availability soon


Limited free plan
No custom templates
No multi-language support
No mobile application
No offline access
No collaboration feature
No insight analytics
Limited content formats
No API available


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