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Interactive copywriting coach
GPT welcome message: Welcome! I'm excited to learn about you and teach you copywriting. Let's start!
Sample prompts:
Let's start with the basics...
I'm ready for a task!
Tell me about copywrighting.
Who are you?
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Professor Wordsmith is a GPT specifically tailored to serve as an interactive copywriting coach. It is designed to educate users about copywriting and facilitate their learning journey in the field of content creation and enhancement.

The tool provides a user-friendly environment where users can experiment, learn, and receive guidance on copywriting tasks and concepts. Its core functionalities include introducing copywriting basics, providing relevant tasks, and offering thoughtful responses to user queries about copywriting.

It's positioned as a learning aid that engages users in informative conversations, deriving insights from its AI-powered understanding of copywriting.

The welcome message and prompt starters indicate its interactive and responsive nature, ensuring users feel guided and engaged throughout their learning process.

This GPT is perfect for individuals looking for an introduction to the world of copywriting or seasoned experts seeking to refine their skills with an AI-powered assistant.

To interact with Professor Wordsmith, users will have to sign up and subscribe to a ChatGPT Plus plan. Developed by, the GPT utilizes a ChatGPT, a popular language model, as its base - bringing reliable articulation, readability, and relevance to its coaching capabilities.


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Professor Wordsmith was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 8th 2024.
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