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Enhancing dialogue and boosting sales with chatbots
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Chathero AI is a tool that aims to enhance customer dialogues and boost sales by utilizing AI-powered chatbots. The tool is designed to drive marketing, sales, and support activities.

Chathero AI is showcased as being powered by Cookiebot, a platform that facilitates personalization, social media features, and traffic analysis through the use of cookies.The tool utilizes various cookies provided by different services such as LinkedIn, Stripe, and Google.

These cookies serve different purposes, including storing user consent, enabling basic website functions like page navigation, identifying visitors through applications like LinkedIn, determining device type, facilitating credit card transactions, and collecting statistical data on visitor behavior.Moreover, Chathero AI employs preference cookies, which allow the website to remember user preferences, language selection, and facilitate notification functions within the chatbox for the support team.

Additionally, statistical cookies are used to collect anonymous information about visitor interactions with the website, aiding website owners in understanding user behavior.Lastly, marketing cookies are utilized to track visitors across websites to display relevant and engaging ads.

These cookies are provided by services such as LinkedIn and Google AdWords.In conclusion, Chathero AI combines the power of AI-driven chatbots and the utilization of cookies to elevate customer dialogues, turbocharge sales, and optimize website performance.


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Chathero was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time customer engagement
Product recommendations
Sales transactions facilitated
Interactive conversations
Personalized content through Cookiebot
Traffic analysis
Social media, advertising, analytics integration
Customizable cookie consent settings
User authentication via LinkedIn
Device identification via Stripe
Google Analytics for statistical data
Preference cookies for user personalization
Notification functions in chatbox
Anonymous visitor interaction data
Relevant ad display via marketing cookies
Credit card transactions via Stripe
Smart 360° communication
Engagement on various platforms
Conversational marketing
E-Commerce & Sales
Customer service support
No code platform
Customer support
Design corporate appearance
Drag & Drop chatflows
GDPR compliance
ChatGPT integration
Sales & Lead Automation


Relies on multiple cookies
Possible security issues
Unidentified cookies
Requires third-party integrations
Limited personalization
Platform-specific chatbots
Dependence on Cookiebot
Complex setup
No clear privacy policy
Limited language support


What is Chathero?
How does Chathero utilize AI in chatbots?
What are the key features of Chathero?
How can Chathero enhance sales for businesses?
What third-party providers does Chathero integrate with?
How does Chathero use cookies?
What is Cookiebot and how is it related to Chathero?
Can users customize their preferences for the use of cookies in Chathero?
How does Chathero handle user authentication and device identification?
What role do preference cookies play in Chathero?
Can Chathero provide product recommendations to customers?
Does Chathero facilitate sales transactions?
Does Chathero offer real-time engagement with customers?
How does Chathero handle user's data privacy?
What advertising partners does Chathero work with?
What kind of statistical data does Chathero collect to optimize performance?
What types of cookies does Chathero utilize?
Does Chathero integrate with social media platforms?
How does Chathero improve customer support services?
How does Chathero personalize content and ads?

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