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Provides sales and customer support assistance.
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Eddy AI is an AI-powered chatbot that automates sales and customer support. It is designed to be quickly integrated into websites, mobile applications, social media messaging apps, and other channels.

This chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence and available 24/7 to help visitors find product offers and get instant answers to questions. It can understand and respond in over 80 languages and comes with features like automated sales, full customization, detailed analytics, and a free plan.

Eddy AI is trusted by hundreds of companies and organizations worldwide, and is used by over 4 million people. It is developed by Eddy Travels Inc., and is backed by Techstars Toronto, Practica Capital, and Open Circle Capital VC funds.


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EddyAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 30th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Quick integration
Available 24/7
Supports 80 languages
Automated sales feature
Full customization
Detailed analytics
Free plan availability
FAQ support automation
Supports popular social media apps
Selective response language for Premium
Questions unanswered sent to live agent
Available on WhatsApp
Detailed user engagement reports
Easy installation across platforms
Can fully white-label
Easy widget customization
Supported by VC funds
Used by major companies
Served over 4 million users
Empowers revenue from automatic sales
WordPress plugin availability
Answers FAQs in seconds
Automatic sales monetization
Allows widget snippet code integration
Facebook, Messenger, Instagram integration
Multi-platform compatibility
Match brand with color schemes
Can update brand icons
R&D office for technology advancement
Developed by renowned company
Supports website, Facebook page, Instagram
Options for easy customization
Intuitive and user-friendly interface
Suitable for mobile applications
Products easily searchable via chat
Increases customer satisfaction
Boosts sales and revenue
Cuts support costs dramatically
Natural language understanding technology
Real-time product offers and answers
Functionality on any channel customers use
Helps to increase sales on autopilot
User-oriented website design


No Live Chat Support
Limited to English in free plan
No voice-activated interaction
Limited customization
No SDK for iOS/Android
Requires third party integrations
Dependent on cookie acceptance
No advanced Natural Language Processing
WhatsApp support unspecified
No integration guidelines provided


What is Eddy AI?
How does Eddy AI automate sales and customer support?
How can Eddy AI be integrated into my platforms?
Is Eddy AI accessible 24/7?
In how many languages can Eddy AI respond?
Can I customize Eddy AI according to my business needs?
What analytics can I get from using Eddy AI?
Is there a free plan available for Eddy AI?
How does Eddy AI generate sales on autopilot?
What companies trust Eddy AI for their operations?
Can Eddy AI be integrated with social media messaging apps?
How does the multi-language feature of Eddy AI work?
How can Eddy AI assist with FAQ support for my business?
Can Eddy AI be used on WhatsApp?
Can Eddy AI be customized to match my brand?
Who developed Eddy AI and where is it based?
How does Eddy AI handle unanswered questions from customers?
What installation options are available for implementing Eddy AI?
What are the different plans offered by Eddy AI and their benefits?
How many people use Eddy AI worldwide?

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